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When hazing is taken too far

Hazing is outdated and dangerous. Why do it? Graphic from theodysseyonline.com

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that a Radford University fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, has been suspended under allegations of a member of the fraternity entering the hospital after a hazing incident. Although a specific name hasn’t been released, the university as well as the Radford police have been taking this incident very seriously and intend on discovering exactly what happened and how to prevent it from happening again.

Hazing has been a rite of passage into Greek life for many years now, although it has been made illegal. I’m not sure where the idea has originated from or why it was created in the first place, but I honestly don’t see the point. Why would abusing and pranking upcoming members of Greek life be a good idea? What’s the point? Is it suppose to prove that they’re worthy of joining the house? Or is it just for fun? Whatever the reason is, it’s not good enough to justify putting people in danger, so much that their life is at risk.

Some people justify hazing by saying that it’s tradition, that it’s been around for years and it’s simply part of greek culture. However, if that’s the logic you like to use than why don’t we bring back slavery or segregation? It’s a part of American history and was tradition for many years, but that, obviously, doesn’t make it morally correct. Hazing is outdated. People understand that hazing is dangerous and messed up. It takes advantage of people who want to desperately to fit in, to belong. It’s an experience that can truly scare someone for the rest of their life and they’re made to think that it’s normal, that it just a part of becoming a part of greek life. It can damage a person forever, and I don’t think people take it as seriously as they need to.

Some people might say that this event was a one time thing, that the boys just got carried away and it was an accident. However, this specific frat house has had a long record of hazing that has ended badly. In 1996 the chapter was suspended because of a death caused by a party gone too far. In 2010, they were once again suspended for reasons unknown. Pi Kappa Phi has a long history of irresponsible members and maybe even advisors. Something needs to be changed in order to ensure that all of Radford University students are safe and taken care of.

Karma’s a bitch and so is that entitled prick

Dealing with entitled people is one of the most difficult tasks to take on. You have to deal with their sarcastic and demeaning remarks, judgemental looks, negative energy, and so on. Every time you’re in the same room with them, you have this overwhelming need to either run as far as you can or punch them right in their cocky face. But what do you think is the real reason behind their entitlement? Do you think it’s caused by a specific kind of upbringing or is it because of the people they surround themselves with? Or is it simply because they just suck as a person?

Just stop. Nobody likes you. Photo from memegenerator
Just stop. Nobody likes you. Photo from memegenerator

Let’s examine the typical entitled jerk. He starts out by walking around as if he owns the very ground he walks on. He thinks he has the right to treat those that are different or less fortune than him  in a disrespectful and condescending manner. He walks through your kitchen, eats all of your food, and feels like he has the right to simply because of who he is. He loves to take your car to go “hook up” with random people, using most of your gas, but feels no guilt because he’s entitled to everything you pay for and earn.

Now, as you can see, this might only be my situation but everyone knows that one guy, or girl for that matter, who loves to take and take but never gives back because he doesn’t think he needs to, because he’s him.

Now, how do you deal with this self-righteous, condescending, entitled human being? I have yet to discover how to handle this type of person without starting an argument or wanting to physically harm said person.

When you try to talk to him about the issues you have with him, he somehow makes it seem like it’s your fault, that you’re overreacting and the real problem here is you. He yells and loves to instigate, making it that much harder not to pick up the first thing you see and chuck it at his stupid face.

But in the end, you know that he’s the problem, he’s the one that needs the help, and he’s the one that deserves everything that’s coming to him and some time in the future, karma will do it’s job and you’ll have forgotten all about the guy who made your life hell for a long time. He’ll get what’s coming to him. Just you wait.

Weekly time wasters: “Iron Man” and the deer crossing

I love the “Iron Man” franchise. It’s rare to have a sequel that’s arguably better than the first, but “Iron Man 2″ did it. Now with the third installment, it looks like they’re trying to make Iron Man (or at least someone in the Iron Man armor) into a robotic Captain America, which I’m apprehensive about. Though with the Mandarin as the villain, you know that this movie is going to kick tail regardless. Continue reading Weekly time wasters: “Iron Man” and the deer crossing

2012: will it be the end?

Whether or not the world is going to end in 2012 has been in question for a long time, but now it’s time to get serious about it. It wasn’t a big deal back in ancient times when everyone believed strange things anyway, and to those historians, it was never going to be an issue. Well, today, it is an issue for us. It’s 2009, the supposed doomsday is only three years away and many people have futures they’d like to be able to look forward to. So what’s going to happen in 2012, specifically on the Mayan calender, on the day of December 21?

There are many different ways people think the apocalypse could occur. The Earth could be struck by a huge meteor which would destroy most of our ecosystem. Like in “Knowing”, the sun could shoot off a solar flare that could incinerate all life on the planet. Global warming could interfere with the North Atlantic Current like in “The Day After Tomorrow”, creating a second Ice Age, the supervolcano at Yellowstone Park could errupt. Or maybe, as described in the Bible, Jesus will come, sweep away all Christians, and then demolish the Earth. The end of the world, regardless of how you picture it, is in fact, a very terrifying thing to think about.

The Mayan calender, believe it or not, never actually says anything about the world ending. In fact, many Mayans have been asked about it today, and they assure us that their calender has nothing to do with the world ending. The Mayan calender is extremely accurate, and follows the patterns of the stars. One of which, is a star alignment that occurs once every 25,800 years, which is the alignment of our sun with the center of the galaxy. This phenomena is more commonly known as the Galactic Alignment. One of the things that leads us to believe it could be related to the apolcalypse, however, is the fact that there was a mass extinction that occured during the last galactic alignment, 25,800 years ago (technically speaking, it’d be more like, 25, 797 years ago).

Our veiw of the sun changes slightly every 72 years. As this occurs, the sun passes around in a circle, going through various constelations. It’s like a type of clock, and at the top where 12 would be is where the sun will be when it aligns with the center of the galaxy, on December 21, 2012. The constelation right before this, where 11 would be on a clock, is an archer pointing an arrow to the right. This creates the illusion of an arrow firing into the sun, which is another thing that leaves astronomers and historians questioning things.

The Mayans aren’t the only ones who’s calender ends in the 2012. Other civilizations have had similar predictions, but all predictions about the apocalypse so far have been wrong. The Chinese, the Romans and others have all said similar things about time ending in that year. However, so many apocalypse predictions have been made in the past, and all of them have so far been wrong. Many Mayans today are also convinced that their calender doesn’t predict the end of time, and that it’s simply beginning a new cycle. Many people today are concerned about it most likely because of the new movie that’s coming out “2012”, which depicts the apocalypse as Earth being hit by meteors, Earthquakes and tsunamis. Don’t count on the apocalypse happening, however. Plan your future, and if it happens, it happens. But you don’t want to have no life if it doesn’t.