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Are Summer Jobs Realistic Anymore?

With the school year winding down and summer break almost upon us, a lot of students are starting to make plans for their summers. Some have vacations, some will simply be going home for the summer, and many will be looking for a summer job. College and life, in general, are expensive and we could all use a little extra cash in our pocket. People have been doing this for years, so it is no big deal, right? Not exactly.

starbucks worker
“Most businesses are not looking for part-time summer help anymore; most places want someone who is willing to work part-time year-round.” Photo from: http://cdn.thesimpledollar.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/starbucks-barista.jpg

The world is changing and progressing rapidly and things aren’t the same as they were 20, 10, or even five years ago. Most businesses are not looking for part-time summer help anymore; most places want someone who is willing to work part-time year-round, at the very least. And working year-round is not a very plausible option for most college students. First of all, most college students go home for the summer which is usually not very close to college. It can be two hours away, four hours away, or six or eight hours away. So even if a college student wanted to, the idea of having a year round job is not a possibility. And with that option gone, the job opportunities dwindle. Most places of business do not want to hire someone only to replace them after three months; that is just bad business.

If a college student lives near their college campus and does stay in the same area year-round, they will still run into similar problems. While it is not impossible to keep a job and go to college at the same time (plenty of college students do exactly that), it is difficult and not something that everyone can do. Any college student can tell you that college is hard and that it takes a lot of time and effort; many have to spend the vast majority of their time working on school work. It is not uncommon for them to have very little spare time left and it’s hard to work at a job when you only have a few spare hours. College is intensive, and the whole point of summer break is to give you an actual break, not spend it begging for a job that you’ll likely have to quit in a few months.

Destination relax

The flip flops have officially resurfaced on campus. That’s got every student thinking about one thing: summer vacation. Although summer vacation is a time of relaxing and recuperating, sometimes it’s hard not to just sleep and become permanently attached to the couch over those three upcoming months. So, what does Virginia have to offer you this summer?

A dip in the water will do you some good on  hotter summer . Just remember to drink plenty of water if you’re hiking to it. Cascades Recreation Trail is a great place that’s close. It’s only a two mile hike to the chilly waterfall and is a popular destination for locals and college students. Some other places you can check out are Lake Moomaw, Cave Springs, and Fairy Stone.

Personally, I’ve been to Lake Anna. It’s in a very quiet, nice, and clean area. There are some fun things to do for kids and you can walk all the way around the lake. There are nice trails and walking areas surrounding it. Harpers Ferry has a nice river and is a hot spot for hiking. The town has a very historic and rustic atmosphere. It’s definitely a great place for a day trip of hiking, fishing, feeding geese, wading in the river, and watching  trains go by.

Another destination is the Shenandoah Valley. You can camp by the Shenandoah River at night and hop in your kayak in the morning. The river has some frequent cow visitors, but the experience is great. Just make sure to go when the river level is at the right height.

Virginia.org has some great suggestions for you this summer. It lists 13 awesome different camping sights, which include: Camp Outback, Outlanders River Camp, and Lewis Mountain Campground at Luray.

Photo by: Sydney Crawson




Spring: the underrated cousin of the seasons

Summer and winter are grossly overrated. As much as I love basking in the summer sun and the fun of preparing for Christmas, spring deserves more credit than it gets.

Spring is a magical time of year. Dead grass and trees slowly begin returning to their leafy-green glory and flowers create a brilliant, colorful scene as they peek their heads out of the ground. Many poets have written about the glorious return of life during the spring — but in modern times, spring seems to be the most underrated of the seasons.

Spring is also a wonderful time for self-transformation. As we shed our heavy winter coats and begin to sport sandals and shorts, we can also grasp the opportunity to make changes and grow in our lives. Spring cleaning has become one of my new favorite yearly rituals. I recently felt an enormous amount of stress due to school. I would sit in my room for hours looking at the mess of papers, trash and old clothes I never wear any more. So, I started to clean. I filled a large storage container with things I didn’t need or want anymore, and prepared it to be donated to Goodwill. As I packed those things away and removed them from my room, I felt a weight lift off my shoulders.

Just as leaves fall off trees in the fall and grow back in the spring, I believe people go through similar seasons. We end the year with New Year’s resolutions, start fresh and grow as people. It’s easy to feel lost at the beginning of a calendar year as you set new goals and prepare to make changes, but in the spring, those changes can be seen and felt as they emerge from within ourselves.

Although I literally shed the weight of extra items in my room, many of the changes spring can bring are intangible. Perhaps you started a new skill and were just losing faith in your abilities- spring is a wonderful time to hone those skills and begin to see results. Maybe it’s just because I grew up in Florida and am inspired more by the sun than the cold of winter, but something about the warmth of spring seems to kick us into gear as we make changes.

There’s a reason many DIY and at-home projects are started in the spring- it’s because everything’s fresh. Just as nature is replenished and things grow, we find ourselves wanting to do the same.

Spring is an exciting time of year. No matter how much you love winter, after the holidays it’s easy to yearn for warm weather again. This year, as the tulips begin to bloom, take time to think about the changes you want to make and start taking steps toward reaching those goals.

RU Home for the Summer: Vermont

It’s no secret that most of the students who attend Radford University are from Virginia, or at least from the surrounding areas. Often when I tell people I’m from New England they stare at me curiously for a second, and then inquire as to why I don’t have a British accent. I give them a “You’re kidding me, right?” look before realizing they’re being serious, and walking away. And yes, this has really happened to me. Continue reading RU Home for the Summer: Vermont

How to get a great summer bod

You’ve got a shopping cart full of the cutest bikinis of the season. You sprint into the dressing room, throw one on, and … oh no … maybe those mac n’ cheese bites caught up to you after all. DON’T PANIC. We still have a few more weeks until summer and if you consistently push yourself to do these workouts, you will have that toned and fit beach bod before you know it. Continue reading How to get a great summer bod

Spring TV preview

While the network television schedule is beginning to wind down, that doesn’t mean that there will be a lack of quality shows in the weeks to come.

Thanks to the upgrade of great original programming by cable and premium cable networks over the last decade, people are no long stranded in the dry spell of horrible summer programing. Continue reading Spring TV preview

Bikini clad and proud

If girls want to tan on the quad, they have that right to do so! Photo from Creative Commons.

Walking to class, I overheard several women comment on the same subject: other women. This is something I hear almost daily: girl on girl hate. Really, there isn’t a point if the other person isn’t hurting you, but women seem to make girl on girl hating a sport. They don’t just chat negatively about other women, but call women derogatory names like “slut” and “whore” simply because they are lying out in their bikinis. I suppressed the urge to yell, “Do you not realize how hot it is? If they want to strip, let them and don’t say a damn thing about it!”  Instead, I tuck my head down and head to class. Continue reading Bikini clad and proud

Summer safety tips

As summer approaches, college students start chomping at their proverbial bit, ready to break free from the confines of spring semester. While a bit of cutting loose does everyone good from time to time, there are some things you should remember so that summer fun doesn’t become summer regret soon after. Continue reading Summer safety tips

What you should know about tanning

As the seemingly interminable winter comes to a close at Radford University, university grounds become speckled with sunbathers. Everyone is anxious to recharge from Mother Nature’s giant battery in the sky, and many students seem determined to start on that sexy tan or get burned trying.

So what actually happens on a biological level when you start to tan? It’s all about melanocytes, skin cells that produce melanin when exposed to ultraviolet light. Melanin is a pigment that absorbs UV radiation and thereby protects your skin. So far, so good — everyone has heard of melanin. What you might not know, though, is that your body produces two kinds of melanin. Continue reading What you should know about tanning

Cisco Adler: Summer in music

Cisco Adler’s new album Aloha was released Oct. 22. It is an extension of his EP of the same name released back in July earlier this year. Some may be familiar with Adler from  MTV’s “Cribs” with rapper Shwayze, who produces a majority of Adler’s music. Besides some EPs, this marks Adler’s first LP. The album consists of hip-hop beats mixed with feel-good Californian riffs, reggae groove and catchy hooks. Continue reading Cisco Adler: Summer in music

2010 Bonnaroo preview

ATTENTION ALL MUSIC LOVERS! Tickets are now on sale for the 2010 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, which is scheduled for June 10-13. So far there are over 90 musical acts in the lineup including Dave Matthews Band, Kid Cudi, Jay-Z, Weezer, Stevie Wonder, Kings of Leon, Norah Jones and Zac Brown Band.

The festival will be hosted at the Great Stage park in Manchester, Tenn. Ticket prices are starting at $234.50, plus applicable fees. However, after tickets are sold out, tickets will continue to be sold for $249.50 while supplies last. For most college students, $250 can be a lot to cough up, but the festival offers a payment plan available for purchase where you can make five payments of $50, plus applicable fees and shipping. The payment plan ticket sales end on April 30. Tickets start shipping out on May 26, and each ticket is designed to be a sovenir.

Cover and story photo courtesy of Creative Commons