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TWD: Can Carol get any more awesome?


AMC’s The Walking Dead has been going strong for four whole seasons now and has just premiered the start of its fifth. It’s true that there have been some lags in the story through the series, like during the search for Carol’s daughter. However, the characters moved on from Hershel’s farm and so did we as the gang was again attacked by a ravenous mob of zombies. The end of season four left every one with one question: Is this going to be the end for our characters?

Rick’s declaration during the last moments of the episode convinced me otherwise. When the rest of the group seemed hopeless, he told them, that the bad guys had no idea who they were screwing with. I had chills. It was really cool to have such a surprise at the end of the season though. For some, we expected this though, because when things seem too good to be true in The Walking Dead, they usually are. Exhibit A: Hershel’s farm. It seemed pretty safe and filled with nice people that had some good old family values. The next thing you know, you find out that there is a barn full of zombies. All of a sudden, a peaceful plot of land turns into a battleground and the residents look crazy instead of down to Earth like you’d first assumed. Never assume in this show!

Carol gets tough in the Season Premier. Image from AMC.com

The show has a post-apocalyptic appeal that sets it aside from others because of its horror and drama element. The horror element really came into play in the premiere. I found there to be a scene in it that was too brutal for me. For once in four seasons, I had to look away. The episode still managed to blow me away though, with Carol’s powerful return to the main group of characters.

Carol’s character was gone for so long, I was beginning to think that she was never coming back. It got to the point where I almost forgot that she existed. The way that they integrated her back into the story and plot was very natural though. The creators of the show did this brilliantly by having a domino affect occur with the characters not even knowing how close to each other that they were. With the opening to this adrenaline-pumping action at the start of the new season, a new journey with relentless villains is sure to follow.




The power of video streaming

Times used to be much simpler. That came with the good and bad, the ups and downs. However, the time of either catching your favorite show or missing it and becoming the laughing stock of the town is over. Using various methods, anyone can access their shows and movies by using the Internet. Well, unless you’re my grandma.

The battle between Netflix and HuluPlus.  Graphic from Geek
The battle between Netflix and HuluPlus.
Graphic from Geek

Some of the most known and popular video-viewing websites are Hulu and Netflix. They both are a little different and provide different videos to stream, however they both have the same purpose. These give their customers great power and freedom, but we all know one simple thing: With great power comes great viewing responsibility. These powers can be used for good or great evil. The outcome is up to you.

Hulu is an ad-supported website that lets users view different shows, movies, and clips with limited access. Upgrading to Hulu Plus allows customers special privileges and more content. Essentially, you can stream a show the day after it airs if you’ve upgraded. If you don’t pay for the Hulu Plus subscription, you’re limited to seeing the show one week after it airs. Personally, the suspense was killing me, so I forked over the fee.

Netflix is can is a paid-for Internet service that allows you to stream movies and television shows on multiple devices and/or order DVDs for rental. The great thing about it is that there are no commercials. That means, there’s no break in between episodes for you to realize that your paper is due in two hours.

Although both these websites can be good tools for professors and students alike, it can inspire a lot of procrastination. To some, the background noise may work as a concentration tool too. At this point, they’ve been around long enough for them to become part of our every day routines.

These are some of the good and bad associated with using them long-term:



Use Hulu so that you can watch television without watching it in real time and missing a deadline.


-Catch up on your show, using your cell phone during your Art History class.



-Have an episode of The Office playing while you work on a homework assignment.


Marathon an entire season of The Walking Dead in one day the night before an exam because you want to figure out who dies before tumblr can spoil it for you.