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You should go to therapy. Trust me.

Have you ever thought about going to therapy? Maybe you’re thinking “I don’t need to go to therapy. Isn’t therapy for people who are really struggling with intense issues or they’re just crazy?” Well that isn’t necessarily the case. Yes, a lot of people who are in therapy are struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental issues; however, therapy is simply an outlet for people to talk about their problem, whether they’re anxiety driven or not.

Going to a therapist was one of the best decisions I ever made. I began going to therapy because I was dealing with anxiety and struggling with my sexual identity; however, after I figured all of those things out, I continued to go because it was one of the most therapeutic and relaxing experiences I have ever had. I was allowed to talk about things, drama and other stressors, without the back and forth you have to have with your friends. I sat there for an hour as she listened to me talk and talk and my crappy friends and my messed up parents and she gave me advice and support. With friends, they can say “I’m here for you” and all those other cliche phrases but you know deep down that they have their own lives to deal with and they’re just waiting for their turn to talk. With therapy, the therapist sits there and talks to you like you’re friends but doesn’t expect anything in return from you. They are simply there to help guide you in the right direction and make sure that you are going to be okay. It’s fulfilling and relieving.

And how does that make you feel?  Photo from healthcommunities.com
And how does that make you feel?
Photo from healthcommunities.com

The best part about going to therapy is they know nothing about you. They don’t know anyone else’s side of the story and they don’t know the history of you or anyone else in your life. When you complain about someone or something, they have zero bias on the situation so they can give you honest and genuine advice about the situation. They tell you how it is based on the information you give them. With friends or parents, they usually understand the whole situation or have known the other people in the scenario, making it harder for them to stay unbiased. If you’re choosing between talking to a friend or a therapist, I’d go with therapy every time.

I understand that therapy isn’t for everybody; however, if you’ve never tried it what’s the harm? You may discover that you love it and it helps you more than any friend ever could or you could realise that you hate it and you never want to go back again and that’s okay too. Whatever the outcome may be, try therapy. It made me a happier person.

Why your dog is your best friend


girl and dog
“Everyone has a best friend, mine just happens to walk on all fours and have fur all over.”

Everyone has a best friend, mine just happens to walk on all fours and have fur all over. Yes, my dog is one of my best friends. It sounds a little strange to say, but if you think about it it’s undeniably true.

When you want to be lazy one day and just lay around and do nothing, your dog is more than happy to keep you company. They will curl up next to you and snuggle while you binge-watch Netflix and they won’t leave your side all the unproductive daylong. What could you want more than a sweet furry friend to enjoy a good television series with?

Another thing your dog is great for is telling secrets to. If you have something you need to get off your chest or just say out loud to someone, your dog is the perfect one to tell. Not only will you feel better because you confided in someone you truly care about, but you know that it would never get out to anyone either. They may stare blankly at you while you tell them, but that’s okay because at least you got it out of your mind.

Sleeping is another thing dogs are overly willing to do. You’re pulling an all nighter and you can’t go to sleep until 2 am? Your dog will wait for you to be done and then cuddle on up in bed with you after you’ve studied for endless hours. You had a rough day and just want to go to sleep at 8 pm that night? Your dog’s already waiting in bed for you to join them.

My dog is my best friend because I can tell her anything, I can be lazy with her as many times a week as I want, and I’m comforted knowing I get to cuddle up at night with her by my side. She’s a loyal and loving best friend that I’m so thankful to have in my life.

What to know when you attend a career fair

Whether you’re about to graduate or you’re just a freshman discovering college, you can always benefit from attending career fairs. Representatives from companies attend these fairs offering internship positions as well as full time employment opportunities.

If you never explore you’ll never know what’s out there. Photo from Creative Commons.

Here are some things to keep in mind when attending a career fair. Continue reading What to know when you attend a career fair