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Highlanders Anonymous: Ugly feet

foot massage
“I’m sorry to say this, but some people have a “thing” against feet.”

“My boyfriend said that he hates my feet. That makes me feel ugly when he says that. How can I tell him that it bothers me?”

I’m sorry to say this, but some people have a “thing” against feet. They can’t stand the sight of them. It’s possible that this may be the case. That’s no excuse for a boyfriend to say that he hates something about you though. The point here is that you shouldn’t feel like you should hate a part of your body that is essential for you to live your daily life. Tell him that it hurts your self-esteem when he points out flaws. It’s just as hurtful as making fun of someone that has a large nose. That’s part of you and he needs to learn to love it or hush up about it.

“I like to listen to my music at full volume in my bedroom and now my roommates are mad at me. The thing is, they never told me I couldn’t. Do they even have a right to be mad?”

You have to remember that you’re learning to cohabitate with other people now. They all have their own goals to fulfill while they’re attending RU. Sometimes, your hobbies may annoy them. Give them a little leeway. They might have a midterm to study for and your loud music may be very disruptive to their progress. If your goal at RU is to party, that’s ok. That’s your choice. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re also respectful of other people that are sharing a space with you. If they’re mad, be the bigger person and turn the music down without causing a fight.

“Should I stay at RU and work over Thanksgiving break or should I go home to visit my parents?”

I think that depends on how badly you need money. Be realistic. In the long run, what will help you the most? For some, going home to clear your head and pig out is very relaxing. Those students can come back to school with a fresh state of mind and start studying more effectively. If you stay and work you’ll be less stressed due to your increased income. It’s up to you. Can you hang on until winter break?


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A break with meaning

Most students leave campus and travel back to their hometown or go on vacation during breaks. But for those who are tired of going home or just want to experience something different during a break, Radford University’s Center for Community Engagement is hosting a variety of alternative service break options.

Last year they hosted their first trip over spring break to Lockhart, S.C., a town that had been hit hard by the economic recession. During their trip, the students painted the old town hall, a bridge and a lighthouse. This year they plan to expand the alternative service break program by offering multiple trips to different destinations throughout the year.

Students in Lockhart, S.C. repairing siding of a house. Photo by Creative Commons.

They plan on hosting trips during part of Thanksgiving break, spring break and some weekend trips as well. The destinations of these trips are not definite, but possible destinations include Florida, Louisiana, Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee. Some possible international destinations include countries like Haiti and Costa Rica. These trips will focus on a variety of issues affecting society today. Some trips are focused on the affects of hunger and homelessness while others focus on issues such as mountaintop removal.

The lengths of the different trips depend on the destination. Some trips will take place during the weekend for two to three days while others plan to be during the breaks and will last for about a week.

Cost of the trips vary depending on the destination and the amount of time the trip lasts. Prices range from around $100 to $400 for trips in the United States and upwards of several thousand dollars for international trips.

Students in Lockhart, S.C. painting siding of a house. Photo by Creative Commons.

Alexia Springer, a senior and alternative service break coordinator, said she is “looking for leaders, looking for participants and looking for students to be involved in the program.”

In order to make these trips possible, The Center for Community Engagement is looking for students to participate as trip leaders. Trip leaders are responsible for finding trip destinations, organizing the logistics of the trip, fund-raising if needed, and getting students interested in attending the trip. At least 10 students need to participate in each trip but no more than 25 students can.

“It is service work, but it is more than that; you are learning,” Springer said. “Being immersed in a different experience opens your eyes a lot.”

On Oct. 3 and 6, the Center for Community Engagement held interest meetings for those who were interested in learning more about the program. For more information, visit the CCE office in Walker Hall, room 131 or visit their website to learn more and apply to become a alternative service trip leader and propose a new trip. Information about last year’s trip to Lockhart, S.C., is detailed on the website as well as more information on the alternative service break program. Their website also features a link for a YouTube video that describes and shows pictures of the trip.

Thanksgiving Break Reminders

Thanksgiving break is almost here! For most students, this means a long trip home, some last minute assignments and a complicated packing routine. Everybody has a rough time knowing what needs to be accomplished before the first break of the school year. However, after this first experience, wrapping up school assignments and figuring out what to pack becomes easier.

Before leaving the residence hall, the first thing to consider is whether or not your room and bathroom is clean enough. The RAs in every hall will hold a meeting about this, and it is important to attend this meeting so that they can explain to everybody what type of mess they will hold residents accountable for. It is usually best just to have everything as neat as possible. Also, anything that is not supposed to be in a dorm room should be removed.

Another critical thing to look out for is what is left plugged in during the break. Typically RAs will say that only refrigerators and fish tanks may be left in. It is especially important to leave the refrigerator plugged in to avoid a meltdown, which could lead to water damage or mold.

Although no one will be allowed in or out of the residence halls during the break, one can never be too careful with their valuables. To avoid any unwelcome surprises, it is always advised that students lock any important items in a closet or a safe. If that doesn