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Couples Retreat, a Retreat or Purgatory

I consider myself knowledgeable on a limited number of subjects. Film is one of them. All you moviegoers better know who the hell Vince Vaughn is. Old School and Wedding Crashers are two of my favorite movies, and Vaughn made his move into print by writing The Breakup and now Couples Retreat. This isn

The rise of the Social Web site

In recent years there has been a surge in social Web sites. These Web sites are not limited to social networking, they expand to cover a variety of Web sites, each dedicated to sharing parts of peoples’ lives. These things can span from humor to art. The Internet has just become another device to express oneself. This usage of the Internet as a form of expression is the natural progression as social Web sites become more common. Whether humorous or not these sites are a good way to waste time or brighten a bad day.


This is an example of one of the more humorous social Web sites. On this site people post everyday stories where things have gone wrong. The stories can range from being humorous and funny to being down right disgusting. The only real issue with this site is that as it has grown more and more popular as the stories have become rather outlandish and at times, clearly made up. This Web site is now actively documenting the best of its stories and puttingm them in a book that will be published later this year.

Texts from Last Night (TFLN)

TFLN is a Web site that documents those texts that probably would have been better off not sent; these generally involve drunk texts, stupid texts. The vast majority of the texts found on the Web site are either extremely funny or just nasty at times. The Web site has a somewhat unique way to rate submissions. You can either rate the post as being a good night or a bad night. The vast majority of posts on TFLN come off as being genuine, even the odder ones. This is definitely a great site to waste time between classes.

My Life is Average (MLIA)

This is the third in several very similar websites that give a brief glimpse into peoples’ lives. My Life is Average is a Web site very similar to FML. The main difference between MLIA and FML is that FML focuses on how things have gone horribly wrong, whereas MLIA focuses on everyday things. The things which the story cover can be negative, positive or just down-right strange at times.

Other sites

The sites above are purely social. While not encouraging networking they do allow people to reveal glimpses of their everyday lives. In this way, they are social Web sites creating a line of communication that would not normally be there. There are sites designed purely for socializing, though the majority of those Web sites are well known. Examples of such sites are Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Twitter may not be not as widely used as the other two, because the concept of a micro blog is still rather new, but it is quickly gaining ground on the others. Myspace and Facebook, both of which are extremely well known social networking sites, also fall into this category of social Web sites.

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NFL, let the madness begin!

Well it’s official, the NFL season has started. In fact, we’re already two weeks in. So, which teams are going to come out on top this year? It’s really hard to tell since we are so early into the season. After all, last year probably didn’t turn out quite the way anyone was planning. For the most part, it seemed like the Superbowl was going to pit the New York Giants against the Tennesee Titans. Both teams finished with the number one seed in their conferences by holding a record of 13-3; but in a shocking turn of events, both teams were eliminated early in the playoffs despite having the home field advantage and a spot in the playoffs.

The Superbowl last year pitted the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Arizona Cardinals. Most people favored the Steelers since they had been to the Superbowl before, whereas Arizona was entering for the first time. The game was surprisingly good (despite trailing 20-7, the Cardinals came back to take a 23-20 lead right before the Steelers managed a touchdown in the last couple of minutes in the game to take a 27-23 win.) The game was just as exciting as the game two years ago, in which the Giants surprising comeback against the Patriots.

So with all that in mind, what two teams will travel to the Superbowl this year? Obviously, things didn’t go the way some people thought they would last year. The NFL has been known to come around and surprise you every now and then. Being only two games into the regular season, it’s too early to tell who will be in contention for the championship. The Patriots are always a good choice for playoff contention, having missed the playoffs only three times in the past nine years. This year they’re 1-1 with their first win over the Bills, and that game was a come-from-behind win.

The Patriots trailed 24-13 as the game was coming to an end. They then managed a touchdown pass from Brady, and after cutting the lead to 24-19, the Bills fumbled on the kickoff, and the Patriots recovered, just in time for Brady to complete a second touchdown pass giving the Patriots a 25-24 win. However, the patriots lost 16-9 to the Jets the very next week.

The New York Giants, who are currently unbeaten (and we all remember what they’re capable of), are a good team to look at for playoff contention. Two years ago they barely managed to make it into the playoffs on a wild card, but as soon as they did, they rolled through the playoffs and managed the shocking comeback to win the Superbowl over the Patriots. Then, just last year, they finished with one of the best records in the NFL securing a spot in the playoffs as well as being assured the home field advantage. However, they lost in the opening round, and their hopes of repeating the previous year were eliminated.

There are several other teams you can look at. Pittsburgh always seems to have a good chance of finding their way to the playoffs, Baltimore usually plays pretty tough and Indianapolis has had a pretty good record in the past several years. So the season is still young and we’ll just have to wait and see who ends up with the best record. Keep in mind, however, that even having the best record in the regular season means nothing when playoff time comes around. So if you bet on a team to win this year’s Superbowl think about it very carefully.