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Fair-weather friends

Everyone has that friend that only talks to you when they need something. You know the kind. That one person who only texts you once in a blue moon, when they need homework or advice. They only call you up when they’ve broken up with their boyfriend and need a shoulder to cry on.

Don’t you hate being that friend? Don’t you hate having a one-sided friendship and being the doormat within a relationship you can’t help but care about? Whether you like it or not, it’s a toxic relationship and you need to find a way to distance yourself from that friend if not cut them out of your life completely.

Toxic friendships can really take a toll on all portions of your life. Your school work can be affected because you’re constantly checking your phone to see if they text you back, making it hard to focus and successfully finish an assignment. Your other relationships can be affected because you’re always complaining about them and annoying your other friends who just want to hang out with you.

They’re creating drama in your life even when they’re not there. They make you feel like you’re not good enough and make you question the validity of your other relationships.

toxic friends
“Everyone has that friend that only talks to you when they need something. You know the kind. That one person who only texts you once in a blue moon, when they need homework or advice.”

The friendship is only one-sided. They are never there for you when you are going through tough times. Even if you text them multiple times and you know they’ve read them, you convince yourself that they’re just busy and your problems aren’t that big of a deal anyway.

This relationship isn’t fair to you.

In any relationship, whether it be friendship or dating, you should never feel like your problems or your feelings aren’t valid. That is a huge red flag that should be taken seriously. You deserve to feel like an equal in the relationship, like the other person cares about you just as much as you care about them.

I know you care about them so much. Maybe you’ve been friends since you were little and the friendship has always been a big part of your life, but you need to realize that people do change.

Obviously, the person you thought they were doesn’t exist anymore and they don’t value your friendship as much as you do. If your “friend” is only your friend when they need something from you, whatever that may be, they aren’t truly your friend and you need to see that.

You deserve better and the second you figure that out, the happier you will be.

Highlanders Anonymous: Painful feet and on-campus jobs

“I’m a freshman this year, and my feet are killing me. My high school was tiny, and I’m just not used to doing all this walking. What can I do to become more comfortable?”

hermes sneakers
“You could also buy some Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts to make your shoes cushier.”

One of the temporary fixes you could do is just wearing your most comfortable shoes to class. You could also buy some Dr. Scholl’s shoe inserts to make your shoes cushier. I’ve used those, and they work pretty well. Another long-term fix is for you to buy a bike. Biking around puts less stress on your feet, so they wont hurt as badly. Also, there are plenty of places around campus to lock up your bike while you’re in class.

“My girlfriend is crazy! I keep trying to break up with her, but she won’t let me. She’s convinced that we’re meant to be together, but I just want to move on with my life. What do I do?”

The first thing you have to do is be completely honest. Tell her that you’ve changed. What you wanted before isn’t the same as what you want now. DON’T pin it on specific aspects of her personality or your relationship, because she’ll just suggest that she can change them.

If she continues to not listen to you, ignore her. The more attention you give her, the more reason she’ll have to think that she can save the relationship.

“I got a job on-campus, but I’m not sure I can handle it. My boss gives me a lot of hours, and I never seem to have time for homework. Should I quit?”

You really need to let your boss know that you can’t handle that many hours. He or she probably has no idea that you feel this way, since you haven’t said anything. Once you let them know that you’re stressed, and need less hours, I’m sure they’ll give you less. If this doesn’t happen, then I think that you should quit. If your schoolwork is going to suffer because of this job, then it’s not worth it. The whole reason you’re here, presumably, is because you want to do well in your classes and get a degree. If this job is going to hinder your ability to do that, I suggest you rid yourself of it.