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Walking, always walking,

Following the fence to wherever it may lead me.

The white lines are stark against the forest,

Which is green and brown and red with fall.

They flow forward endlessly, on and on into the distance.

So on I walk, forever moving forward.

They ask me where I’m going;

I say I don’t know,

And they decide I must be lost.

I’m not though.

I know where I am, and I know where I’ve been,

But I have no destination,

And that’s what they can’t see.

Because today I’m following the fence,

Though I don’t know where it leads,

But yesterday I followed a road,

Which would have led to the sea,

If I’d followed it a little further.

I’ve seen the sea before though,

A hundred times I’ve seen the sea,

And I’ve followed the currents across it,

As I follow the fence now.

I have no destination, only a wish.

I wish to see,

To see everything,

All across the world.

There’s so much beauty,

And it’s waiting for me.

So how could I settle for any one place,

Knowing how many others are waiting to be seen?

I am a wanderer, they say,

A drifter, a tourist, a traveler,

A vagrant, a nomad, a vagabond,

And many other things besides.

Maybe they’re right.

I call no one place home,

And I seldom return to the places I’ve been,

And I’ll admit it might be odd,

To follow an endless fence

To an unknown destination.

But I don’t mind.

I may be all of the things they call me,

But there’s one thing I am not,

And that is unhappy.

I have never been sad over my lot in life,

Nor am I ever sick of what surrounds me.

I have never spent a day feeling melancholy,

So is it really so bad,

To suffer from a simple case of wanderlust?

Why study a foreign language?

Even if you’re not going into a language-based profession, like being a translator, consider taking a language course anyway. Foreign languages open all sorts of doors in today’s world. Today, humans are more global than ever.

Even reading a familiar book in a different language can help you learn. Graphic from Amazon
Even reading a familiar book in a different language can help you learn. Graphic from Amazon

It allows you to explore and comprehend more of the world around you when you speak another language. Many books written in Spanish, Chinese, or French will become available to you. Things really do get lost in translation and being able to understand another language helps others communicate entirely new thoughts and feelings.

Not only can a second language give you many government job opportunities, but travel opportunities as well. Knowing another language also looks great on any other job application. It sets you apart from the competition-with the thing that sets you apart from the pack. This new set of knowledge can lead you to go past the limits of one language.

New cultures are opened to you when you’re more aware of another language. Not only can you learn more about another culture, you can begin to interpret its traditions and values yourself when you gain more knowledge of it. This makes traveling and exploring our vast world much more possible. Volunteering in another country is another chance to further your proficiency in a language as well as help others for a noble cause.

Some students shy away from learning a new language at this stage of their lives. However, it’s always a good time to learn a second language. There’s no better time than when you have all the resources right in front of you here at RU.

Some are skeptical about foreign language teaching methods as well. Technology has made it easy for anyone to take those matters into their own hands. It’s never been easier to put your language skills to the test. All you have to do is go online. The Internet has various free online resources. Learning, or even identifying, a new language changes the way you look at the world, as well as the way it looks at you.

Virginia is underrated

Many television shows and movies take place in great big cities with lots of people and towering buildings. The most common cities movies will take place in are Los Angeles and New York City, of course. These cities are beautiful in their own way, but California and New York are grossly overrated when you compare them to the state we live in.

Virginia has a wide range of diverse ecosystems. From the sandy beaches of Chincoteague to the rolling mountains of Southwest Virginia, there’s a lot to appreciate in this great state that we often take for granted. Growing up in an Air Force family, I got to move around and experience many wonderful places. As much as I hate to admit it, Virginia is probably the second most beautiful place I’ve lived in, if not the most beautiful.

“These cities are beautiful in their own way, but California and New York are grossly overrated when you compare them to the state we live in.”

I was born in Florida and spent a total of 7 years of my life there. Florida will always be my home, but when I compare Florida to Virginia, I can appreciate the fact that this state is so colorful in comparison to Florida. Here, there are beautiful beaches, seemingly endless marshes, thick forests and towering hills. In Florida, there are swamps, lots of beaches and more swamps. Some areas of Florida have thick, beautiful woods but there are limited species of trees. Also, the geography is quite plain with very few hills and no mountains at all.

Even though I live very close to West Virginia, which is a beautiful state, overall it’s not as exciting to me. The mountains of West Virginia are beautiful and go on for days. That’s just the problem, though. The mountains go on throughout the whole state with no breaks as you drive through it. Although the mountains are majestic and make you feel very small, they begin to feel quite claustrophobic. The beauty of Virginia is that as you drive through it, you see varying ecosystems.

In September, my boyfriend and I traveled from Radford to Chincoteague. I had wanted to visit Chincoteague since I moved to Virginia and I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to finally visit this magical area. Driving through the Commonwealth of Virginia, there is a lot to see when compared to driving through West Virginia. Along with mountains, you can see  vineyards taking over the sides of hills, hundreds of small creeks along with larger flowing watersheds. In Richmond, you see skyscrapers carefully placed overlooking the James River. In Virginia Beach, the eye can see the ocean seemingly going on forever. My favorite part, however, is Chincoteague itself. On one side, there is a calm, slow-moving bay edged with marshes, and on the other, the roaring ocean slams against the sand and the wind takes your breath away with its salty-sweetness.

Although I miss the white-as-snow beaches of Florida, and the emerald-colored bathwater Gulf of Mexico, it still doesn’t compare to the diverse beauty that can be found in our grossly underrated state. Even though we all will dream of the great cities of Los Angeles and New York City, and long to live that Hollywood fairy-tale lifestyle, we’re still lucky. We’re lucky to live in a state that, even though it was settled long ago, still remains naturally beautiful.

Weekly Time Wasters: Time travel and manliness


Running out of things to help you procrastinate? Here are some more time wasters to get you through the week:

Wal-Mart is the watering hole of the college apartment dweller. This is due to the fact that they have anything you could possibly need. The downside (and sometimes it turns out upside) of this is that I never know which Wal-Mart, or Great Value brand foods, are good and which are going to make we wish I could get my money back. Well, Good Mythical Morning has a solution to this problem.

http://blip.tv/goodmythicalmorning/walmart-taste-test-the-game-6525235 Continue reading Weekly Time Wasters: Time travel and manliness

Tips for traveling abroad

Many students at Radford aspire to travel abroad at some point in their college careers and there are study abroad programs available through Radford University to virtually everywhere you may have ever dreamed of visiting!

That being said, we’ve done some research and found several tips that could help to ease your mind about some of the situations you could run into during an overseas trip. If you are on the fence about joining a travel abroad program here at Radford, the following is the pep talk you desperately need.

Excuse #1: “I don’t have enough money.”

This is a pretty legitimate excuse and an easy reason to say no to a travel opportunity. However, just like there are ways to get students who are in financial distress into college, there are also ways to get help for a study abroad program with two simple words, financial aid. Every year the state offers grants, loans, etc. to students who are in need of money for college. This money applies to travel abroad programs as well. Remember, this is an educational experience. These trips last as long as an entire semester and they also can count towards your degree. It’s not like you’re asking them for vacation money.

There are also a limitless number of scholarships out there to try for. Websites such as Fastweb and CollegeFish list hundreds of applicable and credible scholarship resources that award students with additional funds all the time. Apply for as many as you possibly can. Show that you want something badly enough and usually it will happen for you. They key is not to give up.

Excuse #2: “I don’t know any other language besides English.”

Again, this is a pretty common excuse, and it can be intimidating to live in a country where everyone spoke in a foreign language. However, with Radford’s program not only will you be surrounded by the group you are traveling with, both fellow students and faculty, but there are also places you will go that will be prepared for the presence of foreign students. The people there will know English, and they will also be there to assist you in making yourself at home and getting answers to any questions or concerns you may have once you are there. This is why a program like Radford’s is perfect if you’re traveling abroad for the first time. With so much support around you, there will be less need for communicating in another language. Plus the chances are high that you will come back with more knowledge of another language than you had when you left.

Of course, there is a possibility that you could be faced with a scenario where you have to rely on prior knowledge of key phrases. Because of this, we here at Whim taken the liberty of compiling a small list of important words and phrases that might help you if you are ever caught in such an event: