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The Audience Is Bigger At Netflix But So Is The Debt

Have you ever wondered how Netflix is able to have your favorite movie on their website within a matter of months after first appearing in the movie theaters? Of course they have to pay a licensing fee but those fees cost a ton, which is why Netflix is facing a huge debt like MoviePass.

But unlike MoviePass, Netflix has been willing to raise the prices of their service, which currently costs $13.99 with all of the benefits. But the biggest problem Netflixfilx comes with the original content that is produced.

Shows like Orange is the New Black and Big Mouth cost money to produce and a ton of it at that. This has resulted in Netflix selling over $2 billion worth of bonds earlier this week, which has multiple investors and rating agencies saying that Netflix is selling below market value. This also includes a current debt of $8.3 billion.

The good news for Netflix is that they will eventally break even, but as long as they keep spending cash faster than they collect it, Netflix will be in debt. The biggest issue for Netflix is its stock value, which is currently at $299. This number was at a high of $400, but numerous people have felt that even the $299 value is way too high.

If Netflix were to drop down lower than $200 a share, we could see companies like Disney, Time Warner, and Comcast try to buy the multi-billion dollar corporation. A result like that should have you worried about your “Netflix and Chill” nights.

However, that is only speculation. For right now, just realize that Netflix would have to collapse before we see results like these.

You are enough

Body image was one of the main issues I had growing up. Even today, I still struggle with both my body image and self image. As a young teenager, I always wanted to be skinnier, prettier, and better looking in general. I never liked myself or the way I looked. I always compared myself to other people, skinnier people mainly, and told myself I had to look like them to feel better about myself, to love myself. I didn’t understand why I was given the body I had.

I was upset that I didn’t look like my friends who were skinnier than me and who didn’t have acne. I went into a deep depression because of the negative body image I had of myself, because of the idea I had in my head that I had to look like a person that I wasn’t, that I’m still not. I told myself that the reason boys never liked me was because I was fat and ugly. All my friends had boyfriends or boys that liked them and I never did. I placed my self-worth on the opinion of others and that was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made.

“I didn’t understand why I was given the body I had.”

Society decided my self-worth for me. I’ve always admired and looked up to celebrities, who are unrealistically pretty and skinny. These people were universally loved and I decided that it was because of the way they looked, not because of their talent or personality.

I was the only one who told myself that to be loved I needed to look a certain way. I was the only one who looked at actresses on my TV or models in magazines and said “I need to be her to have anyone love me.”

I began to skip meals and feel guilty for feeling hungry or for eating. I felt guilty for not exercising and I always told people I was fat to gain justification from them when they told me I was crazy and that I wasn’t fat.

I was so lost. I had no idea who I was as a person and I was left wandering around in my head trying to find myself. Only until now do I realize that my worth doesn’t rely on an unrealistic image of myself. I didn’t understand that as a kid, the women in magazines were air-brushed and photoshopped, that under all the makeup and alterations there was probably a pimple or two or an extra inch of fat here or there. Society was lying to me and I was lying to myself.

I understand now that being someone I’m not will only attract the wrong people. I realized that for other people to love me, I need to love myself and for that to happen I need to accept the things I am and forget about the things I’m not. I’m still learning how, but at least now I know that who I am is enough.

13 Nights of Halloween PSA

Attention all Halloween lovers and movie fanatics: 13 Nights of Halloween has officially started on ABC Family! It technically started last week, but this week is when they play Halloween movies non stop, and really good ones at that!


13 pumpkin
“13 nights of Halloween has officially started on ABC Family!”

Last week ABC started by showing a Harry Potter marathon and The Addams Family. Now that we are at the week of Halloween, however, they have been showing Halloween movies all day and night, every day and night. They have moved up from Casper and are now airing the classic Hocus Pocus and beloved Tim Burton’s films such as Corpse Bride and A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Some newer movies are being played as well such as Paranorman, an animated movie about a boy who can see and talk to dead people and must save his town from the walking dead taking over.

Frankenweenie is also a newer movie that is animated and tells the story of a boy who brings his dog back to life and the rest of his neighborhood and classmates bombard him to bring their pets back to life as well.

Another classic that hasn’t been showed in a while is Sleepy Hollow, which will play several times on Halloween night along with Hocus Pocus which will play back to back! Halloween is the perfect time to enjoy some creepy, and even a little funny, movies when the air starts to get crisp and chilly and the leaves start to fall. It will really get you in the mood for the winter that is on its way.

Don’t miss out on the classic and new Halloween films this year! ABC Family has done a brilliant job of scheduling the movies so that you can catch them at some point throughout October and also have included a great variety in which movies they are airing. Click here and get the full schedule of 13 nights of Halloween on ABC Family and enjoy your spooky Halloween the fun way!



Is fall television still a big deal?

For decades, television programming has been centered on a big viewing tradition, Fall television.  America’s biggest, oldest, and most watched broadcasting networks such as NBC, ABC, CBS, & FOX pretentiously advertise the upcoming viewing season with endless TV commercials, and ads that appear in other news outlets such as magazines, newspapers, and social media. But this is a tradition that should be done away with in 2015.

Fall TV used to be a big deal. Graphic by Katie Gibson
Fall TV used to be a big deal. Graphic by Katie Gibson

For starters, TV executives often tend to cater to one specific group of viewers. The 18-25 year old demographic. Since the invention of TV, this demographic was who watched the most Television programs; however, times have changed, and the average young American leans more toward online streaming services.

These streaming sites which have caught most people’s attention, such as Netflix, Hulu plus, or Amazon prime, have come in and changed how and when young adults watch television.

Not only boosting cheap monthly prices, but also giving viewers the ability to view at their demand. TV execs should take notice of this drastic change and cater more specifically to an audience of a certain age. Since viewing patterns have changed so should they.

Also, many 18-25 year olds myself included, don’t seem to watch television the way our parents did. So, having a fall primetime schedule is useless.

Of course, there are popular shows from Fall TV that have premiered recently and raked in some of the best ratings cable television has seen in the past few years. For example, shows like Fox’s Empire or ABC’S How to Get Away with Murder, have gained a huge following becoming trending topics on social media site twitter every week once a new episode premieres, even having their own special emoticon each week that relates to the show. But that’s the only good that has come out of TV in recent years. Big networks like those aforementioned should, have their hottest new shows sent directly to online streaming services.

Maybe then they will gain a bigger following and re-captures those sky-high ratings of past decades. Do you agree or disagree with my sentiments? Feel free to leave your opinion in the comments section.

Recent changes on Netflix

Whenever fall or any cold, rainy day hits, I binge-watch Netflix. I barely watch TV anymore. Our generation is obsessed with Netflix. The month of September has passed, and with the upcoming month of October, Netflix is making a lot of changes. Here’s where to find out what’s coming and going in Netflix this month.

Maybe you should actually watch Netflix and Chill before your favorite shows leave. Graphic from Know Your Meme
Maybe you should actually watch Netflix and Chill before your favorite shows leave. Graphic from Know Your Meme

Whenever Netflix adds some more movies or TV shows, they always decide to take something out, leaving us with bittersweet feelings. We want the new shows, but we don’t want to lose the old ones. I believe that it’s important for the Netflix industry to do this every so often because they don’t want the audience to get bored of the same content and we always want new movies or TV shows to watch.

Some highlights from this article that the CW network fans should be excited for are additions of many favorites like “iZombie” Season 1, “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6, “Jane the Virgin”, “Arrow” Season 3, as well as the new series, “The Flash” Season 1.

Netflix is definitely better in the fall are because of all the horror movies that are added to its library. Many horror and/or thrilling movies are being added this month including: “Boogie nights”, “Curse of Chucky”, “The Devil at 4 O’clock”, “The Nightmare and even a favorite TV show”, “The American Horror Story: Freak Show”. Unfortunately some movies like “The Nightmare on Elm Street”, “The Devil’s Reject”, and “The Exorcist” are being removed, so viewers might want to watch them before they’re gone.

Along with new content that Netflix brings, unfortunately many are leaving this month. Some others that we are saying goodbye to include: “Ella Enchanted”, “The Braxton Family Values”, “Saturday Night Live” and many more.

But not to worry, because more is coming until October 31st, so we will survive this fall, binge-watching our favorite site, Netflix.

Pick Up A Book Instead Of The Remote

book or remote
Photo By: Danielle Johnson. Student: Tia Strickland

Most people in college don’t just pick up a book for fun anymore. Between textbooks and study guides no one wants to read a book after all of their schoolwork. Most people relax by watching Netflix or TV but a good alternative is reading.

It may sound crazy to some but if you find a book you actually enjoy and are interested in then reading can be a great escape from a hectic life. Books serve as an outlet from the real world and let you live in someone else’s life for a while.

Books, if you pick the right one for you, can be just like watching a television show or series except you get to imagine it yourself. At first, it might be hard to actually pick up a book instead of binge watching your favorite series on Netflix. Once you get into your book you will soon realize you would rather read it than watch anything.

Reading also gives you some peace and quiet while telling you a story. Another reason to read a book every now and then would be to compare it to the movie made after it. Normally, the book is way better so you would be getting the better interpretation of the story by choosing to read. Some people say they know they would not like reading for fun but how would they know if they’ve never tried?

If someone gets the right book they will most likely enjoy it and want to keep reading it to see what happens or how it turns out. It’s just like picking out a series to watch on TV; everyone looks for a plot he or she’ll be interested in.

In conclusion, when you have free time, choose to pick up a book instead of the remote and you will soon grow to love reading. Escape your crazy world for a few hundred pages and free your imagination.

The acceptance speech

I enjoy watching award shows- they entertain me and provide me with some comic relief for about two and a half to three hours. I watch almost every award show except for the Emmy’s. It’s funny because for someone who watches a lot of TV, I don’t watch the main award show that recognizes the performers or the show itself for its accomplishments.

Even though I didn’t watch the Emmy’s this year I knew that for the first time ever there were two black women nominated for the “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series” category, something that has never happened before. The two black nominees were Taraji P. Henson who plays Cookie Lyon on Empire and Viola Davis who plays Annalise Keating on How To Get Away With Murder.

It was a battle for the Emmy: Cookie vs. Annalise, who was going to win it? Was Empire going to win? The show that pushes every boundary? The rawness of it rubs some people the wrong way but, at the same time, you can’t stop watching it. It’s eclectic, exciting, and in-your-face. Or was it going to be How To Get Away With Murder? The show that is more “sophisticated” than Empire, and not as “ghetto”.

viola davis
“For the first time ever, a black women has won an Emmy for “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series”.”

Was Viola Davis going to win for the scene where her character Annalise took her wig off and strips off every bit of makeup, piece by piece, removing every cosmetic covering? She was exposed and all of her beautiful blackness was on display for the world to see. What an image she portrayed. How many actresses could have done that with such power? It was fierce. To deny her in the award would have been a travesty.

That may not have been the exact reason why Viola Davis won, but she did, and for the first time ever, a black woman has won an Emmy for “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series”. I watched a video of her acceptance speech and it was so emotional. As soon as her name is called for winning she throws her hands up in the air in a state of shock. Taraji P. Henson stands and applauds her for the win because she knows that history has just been made. Viola and Taraji engage a hug that to me means, “We did it, we made it.”

Viola then makes her way to the stage to give her speech. She starts off with a quote from Harriet Tubman. She then says, “The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity.” She gets a lot of applause from the audience after saying that. She then talked a little bit more and ended her speech thanking black actresses like Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington, and Gabrielle Union, for what they have done for black women today in the television world.

This moment was beautiful and history was made. I can’t believe that someone would try to take this moment away from Viola Davis. General Hospital actress Nancy Lee Grahn had a lot to say on Twitter about Viola and her acceptance speech.

Some of Grahn’s tweets:

“I wish I loved #ViolaDavis Speech, but I thought she should have let @shondarhimes write it. #Emmys”

— Nancy Lee Grahn (@NancyLeeGrahn) September 21, 2015


“@JanvierNoir Harriet Tubman not equivalent to great roles Viola Davis hired 2play. She’s made millions. It is unfair comparison.”

— Nancy Lee Grahn (@NancyLeeGrahn) September 21, 2015


And here is one of her tweets that she deleted but Buzzfeed was able to save.


“Im a f**king actress for 40 yrs. None of us get respect or opportunity we deserve. Emmys not venue 4 racial opportunity. ALL women belittled”


Yes everyone has their First Amendment right to freedom of speech but the things Nancy was saying were not done during the right time or context. She was rude and disrespectful toward Viola Davis. Since she did something so dramatic over social media, she of course got negative backlash. The negative backlash probably led to this apology Grahn tweeted:


“I apologize for my earlier tweets and now realize I need to check my own privilege. My intention was not to take this historic and important moment from Viola Davis or other women of color but I realize that my intention doesn’t matter here because that is what I ended up doing. I learned a lot tonight and I admit that there are still some things I don’t understand but I am trying to and will let this be a learning experience for me.”

— Nancy Lee Grahn (@NancyLeeGrahn) September 21, 2015


It may be safe to say that Grahn learned her lesson and will probably never make that mistake. Either way, Viola Davis made history on September 20th, 2015 and for that I congratulate her and hope that no one will ever take that moment and feeling away from her.

AHS: Freak Show

“American Horror Story” is back with a vengeance. The frightening show has begun its fourth season on the FX network. Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck’s series will be holding a new title this season: Freak Show. For those who’ve never seen the series, that’s fine. Every season is the start of its own unique horror story. There’s no need to watch another season to have context. Although the same pool of actors is used as the main characters each time, each season, they portray an entirely different set of characters.

The clowns will get even more creepy in American Horror Story this season. Graphic by Danielle Glumsic
American Horror Story this season will make clowns even more creepy.. Graphic by Danielle Glumsic

The first season begins with a family with rocky relations moving into a new home in LA. The story continues as secrets of the previous occupants and their terrible fates are slowly revealed. Season two features a legendary evil and a serial killer who terrorize a sanitarium. In the third season of the show modern-day witches learn to use their powers to defeat their enemies.

Season four features an American sideshow trying to stay afloat in 1952. The setting is Jupiter, Florida where the troupe sets up their tent of wonderment. As soon as they come to town, so does something evil that threatens the lives of everyone in town. People begin to go missing and gruesome murders occur.

This time around the television show’s star studded cast will include Jessica Lange (Elsa Mars), Kathy Bates (Ethel Darling), Sarah Paulson (Bette & Dot Tattler), and Evan Peters (Jimmy Darling). Lange will be playing the ringmaster that thirsts for a taste of fame (The expectations for her to go nuts in this season are very high.) Kathy Bates will portray a bearded lady along side the other freaks as will Peters. His character “Lobster Boy,” has freakishly long fingers. Paulson will masterfully create a character of conjoined twins with one body and two heads.

This anticipated season will no doubt have you checking your closet and under the bed for monsters. Toss out any ideas of clowns being silly too. The sneak peak of season four depicted a frightening and possibly murderous clown. Could that be the evil raking the town of Jupiter? Find out soon by catching the new episodes of AHS: Freak Show every Wednesday at 10 p.m.









Mindy is back, haters!

There’s a fall sitcom that all the girls are swooning over. It’s called The Mindy Project, starring Mindy Kaling (The Office). It first aired in 2012 with Kaling playing Doctor Mindy Lahiri (AKA: Doctor L), a talented OB/GYN with no filter. Working in New York City, Mindy looks to balance her career along with new romances. Her character can’t seem to edit her conversation at any point and while it’s hilarious, it complicates things like crazy. She wants the perfect life, the perfect body, and the perfect boyfriend. Perfect never comes easy though!

Mindy rides her bike. Graphic from Veeoz
Mindy rides her bike. Graphic from Veeoz

Our heroine goes on a journey, complete with guest stars like James Franco, to find “the one.” The series began by showing us a version of Mindy that has turned romantic movies into something resembling a new religion. She looks disheveled in the first scene, cries, and rides her bicycle right into a swimming pool.

Mindy tends to bring all sorts of ridiculous and hilarious drama upon herself during her adventures. Not only that, but she must also keep her fellow coworkers in check. By her side are two other doctors: Daniel (Danny) Castellano and Jeremy Reed. In the beginning, Mindy is tempted by Jeremy even though he definitely spells trouble. On the other hand, she’s trying to keep herself from strangling Danny. Danny and Mindy constantly argue and bicker about every decision in the practice, due to their opposite personalities. On top of that, she must battle with outside forces, like the midwives that share a building with them.

The show is essentially a more realistic version of a romantic comedy film, turned into a television show. It has currently begun its third season on FOX and hit the ground running with its new and outrageous episode, featuring a guest star from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Kaling has reprised her role this fall as the fun-loving Katy Perry fan who doesn’t care about the haters.

The series continues to follow Mindy as she struggles in a new relationship at the start of the season. Mindy dreams big and wants her prince charming, her diamond tiara, and a giant piece of chocolate cake all at once.  Through the character’s ambitious goals, the audience laughs with this in-your-face lovable character as she falls in and out of love and makes her way in the Big Apple.

Kardashians Face a Khaotic Year

It’s certainly been a tough few weeks for the Kardashians. Marital issues, a drug addiction and significantly lower television show ratings are among the problems posed for the famous family.

While I thought everything was going perfectly for the Kardashian family after the highly anticipated June 15 birth of baby North West, things quickly went downhill for the Kardashian crew.

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The legacy of “Breaking Bad”

AMC has provided audiences with great original series such as “Mad Men,” “The Walking Dead,” and “Hell On Wheels.” However, the most breathtaking program that aired on their channel was “Breaking Bad.” Spanning the course of five (sometimes seen as six) seasons, this show captivated and moved viewers in ways we never thought possible. Often compared to HBO’s “The Wire,” “Breaking Bad” had fantastic writers and performers.

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Xbox: The One you want

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s contender in the eighth generation of video game consoles, and the successor to the coveted Xbox 360 console. The Xbox One was unveiled to the public on May 21, 2013 and was dubbed the ultimate system for the new generation. The One is considered Microsoft’s all-in-one entertainment system, the coveted center of your living room life.

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Spring TV preview

While the network television schedule is beginning to wind down, that doesn’t mean that there will be a lack of quality shows in the weeks to come.

Thanks to the upgrade of great original programming by cable and premium cable networks over the last decade, people are no long stranded in the dry spell of horrible summer programing. Continue reading Spring TV preview

Top ten things every comedy nerd should watch

We’re living in a new world when it comes to comedy. With new technologies, people can discover up-and-coming comedians through their videos on YouTube and now many comedians have their own podcasts. However, when it comes to mainstream success we still have to settle for what the TV networks are giving us. With so few great and innovative programs out there, a strong following is really important. So here is the list of the ten most underrated and under-appreciated people, TV shows and podcasts that every comedy fan should watch. Continue reading Top ten things every comedy nerd should watch

TV and society: What are children watching?

“Believe in yourselves. Dream. Try. Do Good.”

This is a quote anyone who picks up my high school yearbook and looks at my senior page will find. It is a quote by a fictional character named Mr. Feeny on the 90s hit TV show, “Boy Meets World.”

Recently, there has been talk about how society is changing, and not for the better. Some argue that TV is changing society, others argue that society is changing TV. I believe that it is a little of both. But any way you look at it, the younger generation is growing up watching a very different type of Disney and Nickelodeon than we grew up watching. Continue reading TV and society: What are children watching?