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Trump Rants on Twitter… Again

Once again, Trump has taken to Twitter to address his grievances with the latest debacles, news, and world affairs concerning him. No surprise there, as this seems to occur on an almost weekly basis, which is something we should talk about. For now, let us ignore the specific subject matter of Trump’s latest Tweets, though they do merit attention and consideration, and concentrate on the fact that this is how Trump deals with any backlash or negative criticism.

Donald Trump is, unfortunately, our president, and he should act like it. This man is meant to be the figurehead of our nation, and the singular person that the rest of the world looks to and sees America, and what do they see? An angry man that response to every piece of negative criticism like a child. This man is supposed to be running our country, yet he appears to spend too much of his time concerning himself with the opinions of others, and rushing to Twitter so he can bash and decry those he does not like. This is a man that resorts to, essentially, pointing his finger, calling someone names, and saying they are a liar. He is doing precisely that to James Comey, who is releasing a book on April. 17 that details his (poor) experiences with Trump and had an interview on the 15th about this same book. Given the numerous issues and problems facing the government and America as a whole, not to mention the recent missile strike in Syria (which should be mention), Trump has better things to do with his time than concern himself with a book.

Frankly, Trump only seems to really care about his image. This is not news, by any means, but it bears repeating. His actions seem like that of a desperate man doing his best to discredit any who oppose him for fear that people might actually realize what a horrendous job Trump has been doing. This man may be the President, but he does not act like one or seem to hold much, if any, respect or regard for the position. Simply put, Trump is president in name only.

Twitter Introduces New Changes and Updates

You are finally out of the dark ages of running out of space to type your longwinded tweet on Twitter. There’s more room now to get your message out there and yes, a chance of fewer tweets from President Trump.

The 280 character system had been in beta since September. Only a small group of users got the privilege to test the system  while most celebrities and even the president didn’t  get the honor to test it.

 An example of Twitter's old character limit of 140 and the new limit of 280; photo from czaal.com
An example of Twitter’s old character limit of 140 and the new limit of 280; photo from czaal.com

On Tuesday, November 7th, Twitter announced that users in almost 40 different languages would get the 280 character limit.  Later in that evening, everyone got the new limit.

Interestingly, after the new 280 character limit was released to the beta group, only 5% of tweets went above the original limit of 140 characters while  just only 2% of tweets went over 190 characters.

The testers argued that instead of adding more characters, Twitter should be more worried about the content of the tweets.

Just last week, Twitter updated their rules to be more straight forward in the definitions and policies towards harassment, threats, and adult content.

If you are suspended under these rules, you now will get a email telling you why your account has been suspended.

These rules were implemented after Rose McGowan’s account was suspended for violating policy as some thought she was suspended for tweeting about the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Twitter responded to these rumors, stating that McGowan was suspended for posting someone’s phone number.

Lastly, Twitter has increased the character limit for usernames from 20 to 50.




Another Trump Tweet Debacle

Twitter can be a great resource for sharing news or entertainment with almost anyone. It seems like everyone has a Twitter account nowadays too. You can search for and find almost anyone who is even mildly famous on there, including, unfortunately, Donald Trump. Most everyone knows that Trump has a certain amount of Twitter infamy. He is known for short, poorly worded tweets that often attack people and are often posted at three in the morning when most people are conveniently not up to defend themselves. And Trump has made yet another mistake on Twitter yet again.

In the .gif, President Donald Trump’s golfball is edited to have hit Hillary Clinton in the back, causing her to fall over – Capture from Twitter

Trump retweeted a gif that makes it look like he is hitting Hilary Clinton with a golf ball. While the gif may be in poor taste, it is ultimately harmless. Unless, of course, you are the guy hitting Clinton in the video and also the president of United States. And you have also threatened (with federal investigation and jail time) the person you appear to be hitting. And in general, you are known for having a great dislike of that person and have said a number of “nasty” things about her. This man is supposed to be the president of our country, not a child incapable of any form of critical thinking.

Trump is our president, whether we like it or not, and therefore he is held to a higher standard. Arguably, the highest of standards. But here he is back at it again with petty, childish tweets against Hillary Clinton. Meanwhile, we have half the country of fire, literally, two massive hurricane relief efforts going on, and rising tension with North Korea. Forgive me if I feel like the president has better things to do than retaliate against someone who released a book recently criticizing him. This would not be quite as big of a deal if Trump was not known for going on Twitter rants against anyone he dislikes and obsessing about it. As president, his attention needs to be elsewhere, and this does not bode well.