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Hungry for a good book? Try The Hunger Games

I will start by admitting that the plot in The Hunger Games is a little crazy and far-fetched. This fictional government makes 24 teenagers ranging from ages 11-19 compete in a televised killing match. As crazy as the story line is, millions of copies of this book have been sold, and it is becoming a mania with such great frenzy as to make children play their own version of the hunger games in the school’s playground. In my opinion, you should read this book (not just watch the movie on Netflix)! Continue reading Hungry for a good book? Try The Hunger Games

The Razzies got it wrong

With all the hoopla surrounding the Academy Awards, the focus has slipped away from another great American institution, The Razzie Awards. A time to celebrate the utter garbage that Hollywood produces.

Taking home the award for “Worst Picture” this year was “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2.” Most likely on account of its absorbedly long title. “Twilight” was a terrible movie, but among the other nominees it was far from the worst. Continue reading The Razzies got it wrong

The worst to the best of summer movies

"Ironback Mountain"

Unfortunately since school wasn’t in session, Whim wasn’t up, the man (my internship employer) forced me to remove my Facebook and nobody reads my blog, I’ve had to keep my opinion of the summer’s major movies to myself, cooking and squabbling away inside my head. Now that classes started (and because I have nothing better to do), here’s a list of some of the best and worst movies for Summer 2010, which was at one point poised to be the worst summer for movies ever before it was given CPR by two of the season’s only very good films, in order from the absolute worst to the absolute best. So while some of you will bitch and whine for me to “do recent movies!” the rest of you can just consider this a guide to what DVDs to torrent or rent from Redbox on those lonely Saturday nights during the Fall semester.


“Sex and the City 2”

Yes, I sat through this, and no, I