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Spring Break: Is Florida Really the Best Place?

Every year, spring break rolls around, and every year, the most popular thing to do is go to Florida for the week. And what’s not to love about sun, sand, and surf? But is it really all that it is cracked up to be?

One of the problems with going to Florida for spring break is that everyone goes there. It becomes an extremely crowded place where you have to fight for every step you take. It seems a little ridiculous to have to deal with massive overcrowding when you’re trying to relax. Then there is the drive to Florida. Obviously, it differs depending on where you are, but here in Virginia, it is roughly a 10 to 12-hour drive just to get to Florida, and the time increases the further south you go into the state. Now some people like road trips, and some people don’t, but I cannot imagine anyone enjoying being in a crowded car on crowded highways for 10 to 12 hours.

beach week
“One of the problems with going to Florida for spring break is that everyone goes there. It becomes an extremely crowded place where you have to fight for every step you take.” Photo from: https://www.washingtonian.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/bethany-beach-delaware_featured-994×559.jpg

I am not trying to say that Florida and going to the beach cannot be fun. Being able to relax on sunny shores and swimming and playing in the ocean is a great way to spend your time. There are also great places to eat down in Florida and, of course, plenty of fresh seafood. There’s a reason why Florida is such a popular place to go, and this is a well-earned title. However, I do not think it’s all it’s cracked up to be.

Probably sooner rather than later, people tend to run out of things to do. There’s only so much beach sitting and ocean swimming you can do. And I can’t help but wonder if part of the reason everyone goes to Florida is because that’s just the thing to do. Everyone else is going to the beach, so why shouldn’t you? But, then again, not everyone enjoys the same things and if people have fun going to Florida and the beach, then why not? It’s spring break; do whatever you’ll enjoy doing.

Why You Should Travel For At Least One of Your Spring Breaks

I’ve never gone on a vacation for spring break. Even when I came to college and everyone was making crazy plans to go to these exotic places or just to drive down to Florida I always decided to head home for the week. Now that this is my last spring break of college, and probably the last one I will have in a while, I’ve decided to venture out and travel with my close friends.

Get out and travel this break. Graphic from Imgmob.
Get out and travel this break. Graphic from Imgmob

I think it’s important to do something fun, different, and adventurous for at least one of your spring breaks. Some people struggle with this idea because they don’t like to spend money or simply don’t have the money to spend on a luxury li a vacation for a week with friends.  However, it would be worth it to work or save up money any way that you can and spend it on yourself for once. Not on yourself as in buying clothes and jewelry or materialistic things.  Spend it on an experience with your close friends because this is something you may not have physically forever but you will never forget it. The memories you make, even just for one spring break, will stick with you for your entire life.

Another reason some people may not want to travel or go on vacation for spring break is because they miss their family and friends at home. Your family and friends will still be there when you come back a couple months after spring break. It’s worth the wait to see them if you’re having a good time somewhere new and exciting with people you enjoy being around. Even if you don’t travel to another country or go to an expensive hotel, there are cheap options that can be split between big groups of friends where you can pay a good price to go have fun for the week with everyone. Look into traveling for at least one of your spring breaks before you realize you missed your opportunity of fun memories that you will never forget.

Destination relax

The flip flops have officially resurfaced on campus. That’s got every student thinking about one thing: summer vacation. Although summer vacation is a time of relaxing and recuperating, sometimes it’s hard not to just sleep and become permanently attached to the couch over those three upcoming months. So, what does Virginia have to offer you this summer?

A dip in the water will do you some good on  hotter summer . Just remember to drink plenty of water if you’re hiking to it. Cascades Recreation Trail is a great place that’s close. It’s only a two mile hike to the chilly waterfall and is a popular destination for locals and college students. Some other places you can check out are Lake Moomaw, Cave Springs, and Fairy Stone.

Personally, I’ve been to Lake Anna. It’s in a very quiet, nice, and clean area. There are some fun things to do for kids and you can walk all the way around the lake. There are nice trails and walking areas surrounding it. Harpers Ferry has a nice river and is a hot spot for hiking. The town has a very historic and rustic atmosphere. It’s definitely a great place for a day trip of hiking, fishing, feeding geese, wading in the river, and watching  trains go by.

Another destination is the Shenandoah Valley. You can camp by the Shenandoah River at night and hop in your kayak in the morning. The river has some frequent cow visitors, but the experience is great. Just make sure to go when the river level is at the right height.

Virginia.org has some great suggestions for you this summer. It lists 13 awesome different camping sights, which include: Camp Outback, Outlanders River Camp, and Lewis Mountain Campground at Luray.

Photo by: Sydney Crawson




Highlanders Anonymous: Ugly feet

foot massage
“I’m sorry to say this, but some people have a “thing” against feet.”

“My boyfriend said that he hates my feet. That makes me feel ugly when he says that. How can I tell him that it bothers me?”

I’m sorry to say this, but some people have a “thing” against feet. They can’t stand the sight of them. It’s possible that this may be the case. That’s no excuse for a boyfriend to say that he hates something about you though. The point here is that you shouldn’t feel like you should hate a part of your body that is essential for you to live your daily life. Tell him that it hurts your self-esteem when he points out flaws. It’s just as hurtful as making fun of someone that has a large nose. That’s part of you and he needs to learn to love it or hush up about it.

“I like to listen to my music at full volume in my bedroom and now my roommates are mad at me. The thing is, they never told me I couldn’t. Do they even have a right to be mad?”

You have to remember that you’re learning to cohabitate with other people now. They all have their own goals to fulfill while they’re attending RU. Sometimes, your hobbies may annoy them. Give them a little leeway. They might have a midterm to study for and your loud music may be very disruptive to their progress. If your goal at RU is to party, that’s ok. That’s your choice. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as you’re also respectful of other people that are sharing a space with you. If they’re mad, be the bigger person and turn the music down without causing a fight.

“Should I stay at RU and work over Thanksgiving break or should I go home to visit my parents?”

I think that depends on how badly you need money. Be realistic. In the long run, what will help you the most? For some, going home to clear your head and pig out is very relaxing. Those students can come back to school with a fresh state of mind and start studying more effectively. If you stay and work you’ll be less stressed due to your increased income. It’s up to you. Can you hang on until winter break?


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Is financial success worth killing ourselves?

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