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One State is Trying to Tax Violent Video Games

For some, video games are the way of life while for others, gaming is just a lazy way to live your life. However, in one state, there are plans to place taxes on your favorite games like GTA, Call of Duty, and God of War.

Yes, the home of most Amish people, Pennsylvania, is trying to add a tax for games that are violent or mature, in efforts to make more money for state-run programs. The plan calls for a 10 percent tax, which would be at a cost of $6 for games that usually cost $60 when the game is initially released. This tax would only happen at retail stores as Pennsylvania would be unable to control the digital sales of the games.

This is the second time that the bill has been presented to the legislative body as the first bill failed to make it out of the committee. Now, the bill, which is called House Bill 109, is picking up steam with two Democrats and a Republican currently sponsoring it.

The tax money made from the games would be used to enhance school safety measures in the state.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) is currently challenging the law. The ESA says that the law would violate the U.S. Constitution, citing a previous case that stated video games were protected by the Constitution.

ESA also cited research that says there’s no evidence attributing mass shootings to violent games.

It will be interesting to see what the outcome of the case will be, and we will be sure to keep up with any updates as the bill progresses.


Photo from Gamezine

Make America violent again?

Wherever Donald Trump goes, trouble seems to follow. He’s the type of man who brings out the worst in people. He succeeds by taking advantage of the uneducated people, the ones who believe it’s okay to oppress a group of people based on fear, the ones who want to build a wall because they think it will improve the American lifestyle, the ones who are okay with a man who continuously says derogatory things to women and minorities. However, the people who disagree with these beliefs aren’t afraid to say so, to protest and riot against Donald Trump’s rallies is the only way they know how to stop him from becoming the next president of the United States.

Is Trump the real deal? Or just a joke? Graphic from Pinterest
Is Trump the real deal? Or just a joke? Graphic from Pinterest

On Friday, March 11, Donald Trump postponed a rally in Chicago because of “fights between supporters and demonstrators, protests in the streets and concerns that the environment at the event was no longer safe.” I wish I could have asked Mr. Trump why he thought that the anger and the riots occurred, because he obviously doesn’t see that behind every single riot or protestings at his rallies, stands Mr. Trump and his bigotry.

Protesters attended the Chicago rally in attempts to shut it down, to “Stump Trump,” and obviously, they succeeded, which caused Trump to cancel it, leaving all supporters and protesters to fend for themselves. He fled, leaving the Chicago PD to clean up the anger, frustration, and unanswered questions. Trump also has a reputation of throwing people out of his rallies, whether or not they are actually protesting or not. At Valdosta State University, a group of black students wearing all black in a silent protest at one of Trump’s rallies, was kicked out for no reason. They were standing silently at their own gym, not causing any issues, but were forced to leave anyway. This is when Trump’s antics have gone too far, where he is taking away people’s right to protest, especially when they are peaceful about it.

There is potential for Trump to prevent violent protests like the one in Chicago, if he were to simply answer people’s questions, have actual conversations with the American people, and listen instead of preach, repeat the same topics over and over again, and say things that he knows will get a reaction from people. He’s made himself to entertainment and a source of mockery, when he could have made a name for himself in the political world, with real issues and real passion behind them. Trump thrives on the violence and anger because it gives him more publicity. He doesn’t want to make America great again. He wants to make American violent again.

What makes something an act of terror?

On Sept. 25, a 30-year-old man walked into his former place of employment, beheaded a woman and stabbed another repeatedly. Alton Nolen was fired from his job at Vaughan Foods right before he attacked the women, obviously killing the woman he beheaded, and seriously injuring the one he stabbed. Immediately after this incident was reported, people began searching into the background of this criminal.

Some news source’s first headlines of the story included that Nolen had recently converted to Islam. Of course, many viewers tried to force the focus on this unrelated fact. Scrolling through Fox News’ ever-entertaining comment section on the story, many viewers insisted that this was an act of terror. But why? When any other group commits a crime such as murder, it’s just that. But when a Muslim commits a crime, many are quick to cry “terrorism.”

Alton Nolen. Graphic from NBC News
Alton Nolan. Graphic from NBC News

Some other fans of Fox insisted that this was a hate crime because the two women who were murdered were white, and the assailant was black. But the fact of the matter is, this guy committed this crime out of rage. He had just been fired and reacted violently, taking the lives of two employees. This wasn’t a crime out of cold blood, it wasn’t a hate crime, it wasn’t terrorism; it was violence in the workplace. Many conservative viewers criticized liberals for calling this “violence in the workplace,” because for whatever reason, they continually want to believe that every crime committed by a Muslim is somehow an act of terrorism.

So why is it that whenever a Muslim commits a crime, terrorism is the first thing viewers look towards? Why do so many try to classify these acts, when the truth is they’re just murder? More comments from Fox News viewers claiming that this was a hate crime felt the need to point out that when a white person kills a black person, it’s a hate crime. Many of the less intelligent comments argued that there needs to be a movement for hate crimes against white people. Hate crimes are defined as violent acts that are motivated by sex, race or other prejudices.

I find it funny that so many of these commenters, predominately white folks, want to push that this was a hate crime. Many times, when a white person commits a crime against someone of a different race, many people assume it’s a hate crime. So it makes sense that some of the more close-minded people would want so badly to believe that a hate crime could also be committed against us white people. But why continue to try so hard to categorize these crimes? Murder is murder, no matter what race the person is who commits the crime. Justice should be blind to race, treating all those who chose to commit violent crimes the same.

Nolen didn’t commit a hate crime or an act of terror. He was motivated by his hatred for a company that had rejected him. He didn’t specifically kill those women because they were white and somehow that infuriated him, he was angry because he was fired. That’s it. Common sense tells me it’s safe to assume that Nolen committed these crimes in an act of rage, due to his being fired.

The close-minded seem to think it’s safe to call this an act of terrorism just because of the man’s religion. Unless he confesses his hate for this country and admits that he did this to horrify the public, there is no reason this man should be assumed to be a terrorist.


Sexual assault and survivors

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month; it’s only appropriate to explore the effects of sexual assault on that victim’s mental health. Individuals who have experienced sexual assault are three times more likely to develop a psychiatric disorder. These disorders include post-traumatic stress disorder, acute stress disorder, depression, eating disorders, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Continue reading Sexual assault and survivors

Miley Cyrus made a good point about censorship?

Everyone stop the presses. Miley Cyrus made the news again. Only this time, I’m not as eager to gouge my eyes out after seeing it. She made an interesting point while being interviewed for Rolling Stone about America’s lopsided views on censorship. I’m not sure how to feel about the fact that I wholeheartedly agree with her.

Continue reading Miley Cyrus made a good point about censorship?

Trayvon Martin case: One year later

The first anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death leaves many unanswered questions about the gun control debate as well as the “Stand Your Ground Law” which was showcased in Martin’s death.

Photo from Chron.com.

Correspondent of Bet Jonathan A. Picks conducted a question and answer segment with Martin’s mom, Sybrina Fulton. Some of the questions pertained to her attempts to amend Florida’s well-known “Stand Your Ground Law,” which she says, “allows you pursue, chase, follow someone, be the aggressor and then say you were standing your ground when you shoot and kill someone.” She is calling this the Trayvon Martin Law because this is what led George Zimmerman to kill Martin. Continue reading Trayvon Martin case: One year later

Do violent video games cause violence?

Violent video games have always been a topic of controversy. The Columbine shooters loved the violent video game Doom and Adam Lanza — the Sandy Hook elementary school shooter — played Call of DutyIt’s not unusual that people have placed much of the blame on the violence depicted in these games. However, what about the other millions of people that play Call of Duty and don’t commit violent crimes? Continue reading Do violent video games cause violence?