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Read the book before you see the movie



When a new movie comes out that’s based on a book people start to think about reading it before they see the movie. Some may actually read the book while others might forget or not have enough time in their schedule to read it before they have time to see the movie. However, there is an imperative reason why you should make a point to read that book before you watch the movie version of the story.


The book is better than the movie! Graphic from Galley Cat
The book is better than the movie! Graphic from Galley Cat

Movies are great, they bring to life a story that was once just a thought in someone’s head. They show detail and put faces to names and give us the director’s point of view or how he saw the story in his own mind. What about your own mind, though? Have you ever read a book and then a movie was made based off of it and you went to see the movie but were quietly disappointed with the actors or scenes?

You pictured it one way in your head while you were reading the story and you liked it that way. Now that it has been portrayed to everyone differently, it doesn’t seem like it’s right to you. This is why reading the book before the movie is important.

Sure, watching the movie is fun and if you didn’t read the book then you probably thought it was great. You got to see what the director envisioned and now that’s your vision of the story too. If you were to read the book first, you would have seen it your way and not just how the director filmed it. It’s important to create your own images and scenes about a story in your head. You will most likely enjoy it more because it’s specifically your own version of the story that no one else will understand or experience.

You will feel like you enjoyed the story more than anyone because of the way you saw it first.  Also, comparing the movie to the book is always fun and interesting too. Don’t forget about your own imagination, read the book before you see the movie.


Watch Out for the Apple Watch

The year 2015 already promises to be one for the ages – speaking of ages, who hasn’t grown up laboriously asking themselves the “age-old” question, “when will someone invent a device that not only keeps me on schedule every day, but also keeps me in touch with everyone I know 24/7, and keeps my life going in the right direction at all times?” I know I have, but in just five short months, it appears that this will no longer be the reality we all live in. Apple has promised to release the remedy for our deepest desires come 2015. They call it: The Apple Watch.

It's the future! Graphic from The Escapist magazine
It’s the future! Graphic from The Escapist magazine

The Apple Watch will possess the same appearance of a traditional watch, but it also promises to be “so much more.” With more than a million different faces to choose from, Apple Watch takes customizing to an unprecedented level. It will look how you want it, when you want it, and even how you feel you want it. Distance, inconvenience, and wasted time will no longer be relevant with Apple Watch. Its abilities include: subtlety perception, physical touch simulation, emotion detection, automatic time-zone updates, and, most importantly, the ability to never let its users waste another second of their time.

Whether you’re eating, running, or sleeping you’ll have a companion with Apple Watch. If you find yourself stumbling over your words in a conversation, or simply do not have time to type or say them, Apple Watch enables you to artistically express yourself with a few swipes of a finger. It will even learn what you’re thinking. If you’ve been trying to get into that healthy exercise routine, but can’t seem to sustain motivation, Apple’s got your back! It knows your capabilities, and desires. It knows your fears and your frustrations. When your encouragement level is running low, Apple is there by your side.

So if you’ve been longing for something to perform the mundane tasks of your everyday routine, to fulfill your desires for a hassel-free life, and to keep you going in the right direction all day every day, the wait is coming to a close! In 2015 comes the Apple Watch.



Pebble smartwatch is off the chain

Kickstarter is a great way for new startups to gain funding in order to create great products for the world. The website hosts virtually anyone, so web traffickers can donate to see these innovative products become a reality. The most successful Kickstarter product is the Pebble smartwatch.

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The beginning of the end of “Community”

I want everyone to sit back, look around and remember where they are because we may be living in the last few months of one of the greatest cult shows of all time.

“Community” returned on Feb. 7 much to the joy of its small fan base, and the producers and show runners are making one last attempt to find an audience for their weirdtastic show. Continue reading The beginning of the end of “Community”