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Systems Outage with Wells Fargo Services

Our money is very important to us in today’s society.  Of course without it, you won’t be able to buy your needs and any wants that you can afford for the week.  However, some people got worried when their hard earned money wasn’t showing up on their accounts.

Customers with Wells Fargo were unable to access their money on their accounts just this past Thursday and even as recent as Friday it was reported that customers were still having troubles and they were unable to access their accounts and direct deposits.

Wells Fargo released a statement that said that the issue was contained by their data center that the ATMs were working and most online and mobile services were back up and operating.

Because of the issue, Wells Fargo extend their hours for most of their branches by one hour for Friday and Saturday.

However, the issues that are still going on are serious ones like mortgage issues which are affecting closing on houses which could affect the futures of many.

Another issue which is the most common one is customers not being able to access their money which worried business owners and others as people’s paychecks could had been delayed due to the issue.

As of press time, some of the issues are lingering as some customers are planning on switching bank providers as soon as they are able to access their accounts, they will be switching to another bank. This won’t affect the fourth largest bank in the world right now but it could affect their future if they are not careful.

It is going to be an interesting few days to see how many customers leave Wells Fargo due to this debacle.

Radford Theatre wins $25,000 grand prize in Wells Fargo competition

In a little over a year, the newly renovated Radford Theatre has undergone an incredible transition to being the staple of Radford’s Main Street. It’s run by an incredibly friendly group of movie junkies who put their love of film ahead of their love of the bottom line (take notes, Regal.)

This is the same venue we’ve covered for our Marvel Weeks at Whim, because they always have great events when Marvel movies come out.

Radford Theatre has engaged the local community in a way that other organizations, ourselves included, can only fantasize about. They’ve earned the loyalty of their customers through the exceptional experience they deliver every time they open their doors. Paired with their tendency to host and promote local events, it comes as no surprise that when they posted their video to Facebook asking for votes, the community came out in overwhelming support.

This local venue was one of five winners of the Wells Fargo Works Project, which gives $25,000 to help jumpstart small businesses. Radford Theatre stated in the video that they’d like to use the money to improve the quality of their cinema and finish the balcony to add additional seating for their growing fan base. The theater also received an additional $5,000 to be given to a charity of their choice.

Radford theatre
“The newly renovated Radford Theatre has undergone an incredible transition to being the staple of Radford’s Main Street.”

Their success in engaging the community is due, in part, to their ability to spread publicity through word of mouth. They strongly encourage at each showing that their customers tell their friends, and their influence on social media is through the roof. Any time the theatre seems to do anything, they post about it on their Facebook page, making them a uniquely involved local business.

They do more for the community than offer popcorn at a rate that doesn’t make your wallet burst into tears. The Radford Theatre experience cannot be replicated anywhere else or with better people. Congratulations on your win, Radford Theatre. No one deserves it more than you.

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