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Radford student bucket list

Radford University has created a bucket list of activities to do around campus. We here at Whim would like to do the same, but with our own personal flair.

Photo by: Caroline Leggett
  1. Spend a year living in Muse Hall; students often describe the 13-floor dormitory as “the most fun you’ll ever want to have, once.”
  2. Get the Dalton Dash. We aren’t saying you want to do this per se, but according to the upperclassman before us it will eventually strike us all.
  3. Enjoy a sunny afternoon when Spring breaks Winter’s stranglehold on RU. You’ll be amazed by how many students go here.
  4. Go to the annual haunted house at St. Albans Asylum. This year the house is titled “The House of Havoc.”
  5. Take University 100. Some students detest this course, however, it’s the easiest credit you will receive at RU.
  6. Go bowling in the Bonnie. RU’s bowling alley is an often forgotten about attraction for students looking to kill some time.
  7. Study for your classes in Young hall. Our editors often hold writers meetings in the building, and is an excellent place to get your work done any time of the day.
  8. Attend Club Fair; students that stopped by Whim’s booth got our famous, “#Whimming” sunglasses.
  9. Go to a concert held on campus. This semester, R-space has planned a concert with band, All Time Low on November 11th.
  10. Get a funnel cake from the Highlander Festival. Nothing says “freshman 15” like deep-fried dough and powdered sugar.
  11. Get involved! Everyone who works at Whim has gotten their job because they’ve lighten up and said hi!
  12. Before it gets much colder students should take a plunge in the New River right off campus.
  13. Attend a basketball game in the Dedmon Center. Other schools dread the red for a reason.
  14. Read The Tartan. It may be our fierce competitor, but we still think its worth reading!
  15. Eat highlander roles! Mikes pizza and Highlanders pizza both create the delicious doughy goodness.
  16. Join one of RU’s club or intramural sports. Everything from soccer to ultimate frisbee is available to students.