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Welcome back readers!

Hey all,

Welcome back to another exciting season of Whim, RU’s official online magazine! If you’re new to the school or the site, we look forward to serving you and encourage you to give us feedback.

Last spring we posted an online survey and went around campus asking our readers what they like about Whim, what they don’t like and what they’d like to see this year. You asked for several changes, and we’re doing our best to deliver. Here are a few of the things you asked for and how we’re working to improve:

People around campus commented that our layout, Whim 1.6, was “blah” and “kind of sucks.” So, we scrapped it and got a completely new one. Our current theme is based on a theme called WP Smooth and is not only more user-friendly, but more appealing to the eye. One of the greatest things about the new theme is the Features box at the top of the homepage, which holds the lead story for each section each week. This creates a dominant visual element on the homepage that draws the reader’s eye in and shows the reader where to go for the biggest stories of the week. The RSS feeds are also located on the left sidebar rather than at the bottom of the homepage, making them convenient and accessible. Our site now features two banner ads at the top of the page rather than one at the bottom, as well as a square ad on the right sidebar. We also have space on the home page to support several interactive widgets to get the rest of the student body involved and entertained.

Unfortunately we don’t have enough writers or demand for sports to make it its own section, but we’re trying our best to include sports in the Life section. We’re in the works of getting a Weekly Sports Report up each week, as well as some sports technology stories in Tech. If the demand for sports increases then we’ll increase the sports content, but for now we’re doing our best to cover some Radford University and world sports.

Around 25 percent of the people we surveyed didn’t know what Whim was but would’ve read it if they knew it existed. This semester we appointed a new Marketing Manager and started rounding up members for our ‘Street Team.’ We designed new flyers, got our ad up on the TV, talked to classrooms to recruit and are working on plenty of other exciting marketing ideas. If you’re interested in joining, e-mail us at whim@radford.edu.

This is just the first of a series of notes this semester that will keep you updated on our progress and what we’re working on. Like what you see? Let us know. Don’t like what you see? Also let us know. Have any more suggestions? Send us an e-mail at whim@radford.edu, come stop by Calhoun Hall on Thursdays at 7 p.m. or just comment below.

Keep on reading,

Arielle Retting