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[Quiz] Have you kept your sanity?

“I shook the computer because “color” is spelled wrong.”


What did you do when…

  1. …you found out you couldn’t use the new gym at RU until the Spring Semester?
  • a.) I punched a hole in the wall.
  • b.) I shrugged and went back to playing Left4Dead.
  1. …you tried to get breakfast at Chick-Fil-A and then saw G.A.P.’s demonstration?
  • a.) I pulled one of them aside and started yelling at them.
  • b.) I ran to a trashcan and puked.
  1. …you were asked your favorite colour by a quiz?
  • a.) I shook the computer because “color” is spelled wrong.
  • b.) I said, “green.”
  1. …your parents learned about Winter-mester and signed you up?
  • a.) I screamed into a pillow.
  • b.) I changed my availability at work.
  1. …you got your final project’s rubric?
  • a.) I got home and went on Netflix and marathoned Scrubs until the due date.
  • b.) I planned what I would do and gradually worked on it.
  1. …your pen ran out of ink during a quiz?
  • a.) I broke my pen in half with my teeth.
  • b.) I raised my hand and got a new pen from the professor.
  1. …you walked into Pets Mart?
  • a.) I bought two lizards, three hamsters, and twelve puppies.
  • b.) I bought a beta fish and named it Vernon.
  1. …your roommates left you with a sink full of dishes?
  • a.) I let the dishes get moldy.
  • b.) I asked them to clean it up.
  1. …you accidentally ordered a extra large pizza from Highlander’s?
  • a.) I ate it all…
  • b.) I shared it with all my friends (I’m popular).
  1. …you checked your grades over Thanksgiving break?
  • a.) I puked.
  • b.) I showed them to my parents.


If the majority of your answers were a, I’m sorry but you’re a mess. This semester has definitely taken away your sanity. Enjoy your break, like you’ve never enjoyed a break before. Take long baths, watch the stars, and for God’s sake, buy an agenda. You’re going to need it if you want to survive Spring semester!


If the majority of your answers were b, thank the almighty grading-gods, you’ve made it. Somehow, you kept it together and have even more time to collect your thoughts and plan for 2015, where you’ll no-doubt be just as successful!

Will spring be our doom?

Some students are drowning in paperwork right about now, but if they were to get up and take a breathe of sweet, sweet air, they’ll see that they’re almost home free. RU’s fall semester is already winding down. Although, it may not seem that way with all of the stress of midterms and last minute projects to be done. Now, we all need to take a collective deep breath, because the close of fall semester means selecting spring semester courses.

photo (2)
“Now, we all need to take a collective deep breath, because with the close of fall semester means selecting spring semester courses.”

To try and tone down your stress level and make your life a little easier, go and hunt down the professors before the fall semester ends. Get your chance to speak with some of the more difficult professors you’ll need to impress next semester. Also, talk to your peers that have taken the classes you need for your major and get some useful advice. There’s no reason to go into spring blindly; see what you can do to succeed in the future.

Getting the classes you want and coordinating your schedule is stressful as well. Will you get the ones that you want, when you want? What about your club activities, work, and social life? Think these things over so that you don’t have a chance of your graduation getting delayed. Be prepared to survive.

As a freshman, you might not really care, because you aren’t sure what your major is, but be wary as well. What if the easy class gets filled up too quickly and you get the professor that gives pop quizzes every time you meet, just for fun? Talk to everyone and learn about what’s up ahead so that you can be prepared. If you’re taking a course or two during Winter-mester, it goes by very quickly. Make sure that you stay on top of the work so that taking the courses isn’t like peeling off a Band-Aid in slow motion. Rip it off fast!

With all this stress and aggravation, remember that there will be rest soon. For those of us mere mortals, winter break will be a time of major relaxation. Once Christmas shopping is done, of course. Then, once spring semester has begun, there’s also Spring Break to look forward to. Then, Summer is just around the corner.