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Catching Fire leaves a bad aftertaste

If you don’t mind an unpleasant aftertaste, “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” is for you. However, if you do mind, I’d suggest sucking it up. A year and a half after the Hollywood debut of the “Hunger Games” trilogy, “Catching Fire” delivers on a variety of levels but suffers with at least a couple. Continue reading Catching Fire leaves a bad aftertaste

Zombieland: giggly gruesomeness

The season of horror movies is officially here, and what better way to start the gorefest of October than with some zombie bashing like what you would find in “Zombieland”? While the number of zombie films has fallen in the last few years (replaced by movies like the millionth “Saw” and anything with vampires), this film shows all the promise of reigniting the fresh-eating frenzy all over again, even if it is with kicks and giggles.

I have never been one for horror/comedies, but I could not pass this one up. There was something about it that compelled me to see it. And it was totally worth it.

Plot Summary

The story starts with Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), a multi-phobic, shy college student giving a monologue of his survival rules and a brief history of the apocalypse. The story is as follows: