Just Cause 2

Photo from Creative Commons

Just Cause 2 follows Rico, an agent, as he gets dropped into the nation of Panau. The nation of Panau is experiencing its fair share of turmoil as one leader is taken out and replaced by his greedy, corrupt son. Rico must make his way through this suddenly hostile environment. Rico is asked to track down his old mentor, Tom Sheldon, and take him down. The fear is that his mentor has gone rogue and that with him is information vital to returning Panau to United States control.

Game Play

Just Cause 2 is an open world game allowing users to create and dish out as much chaos and mayhem as they please. The game encourages players to take the world around them and use it against their enemies as much as possible. Realistic physics is what makes it all possible for players to control the world. While it makes it possible for players to take advantage of the terrain, the advanced AI in Just Cause allows the non-player characters to do the same.

The more chaos Rico causes, the better. Game progress is measured in chaos as it allows Rico to move about in the turbulent country much more easily. As the game continues, chaos also unlocks new missions and allows for Rico to get more weapons as well. Chaos is a key component to game play and dynamics. It is rarely wise to charge head first into a situation without causing a little bit of a distraction.

The grappling hook and parachute combination adds a unique dynamic to the game play. The grappling hook is a weapon of destruction in this game as it permits players to tether vehicles to the ground or to each other. It can also be used to pull Rico across distance very quickly allowing, him to open up his chute and glide further than he would have been able to go just running. The grappling hook makes just about any surface climbable, which allows for sneaky and quick strikes without raising alarms.

The Good

Just Cause 2 has some of the most stunning graphics of just about any game, and the diversity in terrain really serves to show this off. The story, while initially straightforward, quickly escalates as Rico is forced to question those who he is forced to work with as he tries to unravel the mystery around Panau, because nothing is as it appears. This twisting story concept really keeps players engaged in the storyline. Also, how they access the core missions to the story differs by playing style. The interactive environment is a major bonus to the game play. Nothing is quite as satisfying as toppling a statue and killing a bunch of enemies all in one single motion.

The Bad

There really isn’t that much to complain about with the game except that the controls sometimes feel a bit rigid and don’t always do what you want them to. This doesn’t match up with the polished presentation of the game, but it is an uncommon occurrence.

Final Thoughts

Just Cause 2 is an awesome addition to anyone’s game library as it has a nice combination of story and freedom. It is one of the rare games where if the story was not so constrictive, you might as well just be playing a movie, except less fun.

Whim Rating: 4.5/5