Video games Fall 2009 preview

The Fall season is something certainly worth looking forward to this year with a number of well known and not so well known titles coming out for all three of the major consoles plus PC.

Dead Space: Extraction, September 28

This Wii exclusive is the prequel to the Dead Space game released earlier last year. This game promises the same amount of necro-morphed zombies as the first game and more twists and turns, this time for Wii owners. It is certain that this game will make use of the Wii motion sensitive control system for both shooting and slashing the alien zombies to pieces.

DJ Hero, October 27

This is the latest game in the ever-growing genre of music playing games. DJ Hero is hoping to bank into the success that its predecessors Guitar Hero and Rock Band have achieved. The game title is self explanatory. In the game you play a DJ and gradually work your way up as the game becomes more and more difficult.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, November 10

This is a sequel to one of the best selling first-person-shooters of all times. This game promises much of the same experience. Although a third party developer is responsible for making it, all indications show that it will live up to the precedent set by the original.

Dragon Age: Origin, October 27 Xbox360, November 17 ps3

BioWare, a powerhouse in creating role playing games, returns with a new addition to their impressive line up which includes Mass Effect. Though this time they have returned to their roots of fantasy role playing games. Activision has made it clear that this game should be equal to if not better than their epic best seller Baulder’s Gate.

Left 4 Dead 2, November 17

This sequel to the original Left 4 Dead game promises to be as good if not better than the previous game. This game boasts the addition of melee weapons for your heroes to use as they fight off the zombie horde. The game also sports brand new character. Say goodbye to Zoey, Bill, Francis and Louis and hello to Nick, Coach, Ellis and Rochelle. Left 4 Dead 2 is set in Louisiana and promises more special zombies along with stage-specific zombies.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, October 13

This Play Station3 exclusive game promises to be one of the most visually stunning games to be released this fall. This sequel to the original Uncharted is perhaps the most anticipated game coming out for the PS3. The original game is still in many regards, considered the best game to come out on PS3. Combine that with the stunning graphical display that was put on during the Electronic Entertainment Expo and it is easy to see why.

Forza Motorsports 3, October 27

This Xbox 360 exclusive is the third game in the stunning and fun Forza series. This sequel to the game promises more than 400 different cars, over 100 tracks and 50 different car makers. This makes Forza 3 perhaps the most in-depth Forza game to date. This is among the most anticipated car games coming out this year.

Saw: The Video game, October 6

Yes, it is here: Saw on a console. Play as one of jigsaws victims as you try and make your way through his traps and keep alive. This game very well may be a sleeper in a season full of certain blockbusters and a year with above average movie-based games.

Avatar: The Game, November 17

This game is among the most hyped coming out this season, with good reason. With its story driven content mixed with in depth multiplayer gameplay it is hard not to agree with all the hype. If all that was not enough, the game will be in 3-D on televisions, with the ability to support such features.

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