Looking for a thrill? Make your way to Zombie Prom!

Zombie Prom, Radford University’s annual Halloween celebration, is coming up soon.

Zombie Prom is one of RU’s better dances. The purpose of the dance is to celebrate Halloween – and given that it’s one of RU’s few traditions, it’s always packed. Zombie Prom is especially great for new students who have yet to find a good place to party or don’t want to drink.

Go out, get dressed up, have a blast! Left to right: Kimberly Busch, Shelley Anderson, Eric Westray. Photo Credit: Kimberly Busch.

While RU’s dances can be a little hit and miss, Zombie Prom is always a safe bet. The Muse Banquet Hall (which is where all the dances and banquets at RU are held) is usually packed with people dressed up in a variety of scary, cheesy or sexy costumes. Makeup booths help add an air of mystery to those not wearing costumes.

If you don’t have a costume or think you’re bad at dancing, join the club! Many students who attend the dance show up without costumes, and you don’t have to be a perfect dancer to have fun at one of RU’s dances. Just show up with a few friends, laugh at yourself and have fun! Don’t feel obligated to go to a costume store; anything can be a costume if you’re creative enough.

The event is catered, which means that there’s plenty of good food to eat. Since it is on-campus, alcohol is forbidden. If you want to drink, save that for after the event; there will be a few after-parties going on following the dance. Bring a coat, since walking home in a sexy nurse’s costume isn’t going to be very fun if you’re doing it in the middle of October. Tights are your best friend, and any shoes you wear will likely be kicked aside in favor of dancing.

The dance usually goes from 8 to 12 P.M. on the last Friday in October. Check the RU Student Activities portal calendar to get more information about the date and time. Make sure not to miss it!