Radford Restaurant Reviews: New River Grille

New River Grille House is Radford’s other on-campus cafeteria.

Many students don’t go to New River Grille House because it’s more expensive than Dalton and, by extension, everything else on campus. In light of the Flex plan that most students have, the $15 price for New River Grille’s dinner becomes more than a bit exorbitant. Many students have problems keeping enough money on their cards to last the semester as it is.

What you may not  know is that New River Grille accepts the 15 meal plan.

Is the food worth the extra price? Photo by Bria Benner.

If you get 15 meals a week, you can eat at New River Grille for lunch or dinner. With the 15 meal plan, you also get about $150 for restaurants on and around campus; part of that money can be used to pay for the extra price of dinner, which is one meal plus about $10.

Is the food worth the extra price? That depends on what you mean by “worth it.” The food is much, much better (and better for you) than the fare you’d find at Dalton, Wendy’s or Au Bon Pain. Dinner at the New River Grille is about the same quality you’d experience at a sit-down restaurant like Outback Steakhouse. They serve you at your table, and most of the time the options are those you wouldn’t ordinarily expect at a college.

The lunch service at New River Grille House is similar to what you’d get at Dalton. You choose what food you get in a buffet line, and then you get to bring it to whichever table you like. The quality of the food, however, is much better than what you would find at Dalton. Sometimes they have selections like casserole, boiled asparagus, roast beef and mixed stroganoff. The desserts are always the right level of sweet; they never put too much sugar in them, they never have that weird paste-like frosting you often find at Dalton and they never make you worried that you’re going to die of diabetes.

And, also unlike Dalton, they offer many delicious, sugar-free options for diabetics.

This comes with a price. You could get all that and more at a restaurant like Outback Steakhouse or Golden Corral for the same price (in the case of Golden Corral, maybe a better price). Radford University’s pricing isn’t the best, but if you have to stay on campus, there really isn’t anywhere better to eat.