PayPal Says “Bye” to Alex Jones and InfoWars

This year has definitely not been a good one for the founder of InfoWars, Alex Jones, and his creation.

This last Friday was no better.

Alex Jones might be worried after the announcement that PayPal will no longer support InfoWars. Photo from
Alex Jones might be worried after the announcement that PayPal will no longer support InfoWars. Photo from

PayPal announced on Friday that they will no longer handle the transactions which includes credit cards for InfoWars’ online store. As Jones has lost more and more means of promoting his business and beliefs, so did his online store become a lifeline for the television and internet series.  To make matters worse for the company, PayPal has also previously handled the donations given to InfoWars directly.

PayPal will not be stopping the transactions immediately and will be giving InfoWars 10 business days before ending the deal.

This comes a few weeks after most social media sites and app stores moved to block Jones and InfoWars from using their services. The majority of these companies had stated that the conspiracy website had violated the “terms of use” policy by giving false information as well as promoting hate speech.

PayPal, in a statement to the New York Times in an article on Friday, stated that InfoWars had not violated any policy. Rather, the “promotion of hate and discrimination runs counter to our core value of inclusion.”

InfoWars has always been a “conservative” voice that has stirred up controversy in times of hurt and sorrow. Alex Jones has made statements on his radio show, The Alex Jones Show, which include saying that both the school shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary and Stoneman Douglas High School were both “false flag operations” planned by gun control advocates. Jones also added in that “no one had died at Sandy Hook” and there was crisis actors in both shootings. Both of those theories were proven false.

InfoWars has not made an official statement, but in an article on their website (as found by the New York Times) they announced PayPal’s decision as “a political ploy designed to financially sabotage an influential media outlet just weeks before the midterm elections.”

The only good news for Jones is that he is still allowed to sell InfoWars products (at least some of them, anyway) on Amazon and eBay, where their payments will not handled by PayPal.