The Mourning

It’s silly to mourn this.

No one has died, and this is my own fault anyway.

But there was a potential there, and now there isn’t. And this is good, ultimately, because whatever that potential was, it was only going to be doomed anyway. It’s better, when we know that things won’t work, to cut things off before they begin. But that doesn’t make it easier, and the relief will always be bittersweet.

Maybe, if we’d met somewhere else, or a few years down the line, we would have had a chance. If things had just been different, maybe that potential could have grown into something more.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

It’s a dangerous word to dwell on. Because it holds all the potential for what might have been, and for what could be. But we can’t get stuck on those maybes, or we’ll drive ourselves mad thinking about them. And that wasn’t the point of doing this.

We’re going our separate ways today, but we’ll be bouncing back from this soon. In the long run, this will be a good thing, and we’ll be okay, you and I. The future is filled with potential, with new people and new relationships and new maybes to be found. Our door is closed, but there are so many others out there, and in time, we’ll open them all.

Today is for the mourning of what might have been. Tomorrow, however, is for looking forward. And I hope that you’ll do the same.