Behind the Curtain: Video Game Tester

Wait a minute, so you are telling me that I can spend my time working just playing video games? Then sign me up and let’s play some video games, I want to make money just sitting on a comfortable chair playing my favorite video games. Except, it’s not just as easy as you think. It’s probably just as hard as making the game yourself.

So what is exactly a video game tester? Well, it’s not just you playing video games all day to have fun. You are the bulldozer of the video game; you have be the person who finds the game breakers. See video games, just like your car or clothing, have to be tested in order to detect any defects in the products.

Just like any car or clothing, any defects in a game that are sold to the public and found to break that product much quicker than anticipated will lead to backlash, and your company that you worked for no longer being your employer.

A tester needs to be on the look out for millions of those bugs, down to the tiny of the tiny that most people won’t look for unless they are a very picky person in general.

People forget all of the time that there has to be someone to test the product. We know who makes it and who buys it, yet we don’t understand why the product is made “perfect” to begin with.

It comes down to these people, the ones who test the product. Surprisingly, you can’t be just this Joe Schmo who doesn’t have much of a history in some type of video game work or college. You still have to have a degree that relates to the technology field in order for you to be considered for a job as a video game tester.

By the way if you are qualified, Epic Games, the creators of Fortnite, are hiring video game testers for their games, and it’s located in North Carolina, so if you are interested search them up on Google.

Think about it, typically this is where game designers and developers first start off at, testing video games because of the detail attention that any video game needs. The success of a video game comes down to many things but for a video game tester, they may be the last guard to what is an average game to a great game.