What to do During Quarantine

On Sunday, March 15, Governor Ralph Northam banned groupings of more than 100 people in Virginia. The idea of self-quarantine has been a buzz word for the past month.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, people have been urged to self-quarantine, to try to decrease the spread of the virus. In addition to being able to work from home, this is also a time for people to get creative or explore their interests with the extra free time. I’ve asked around to see how others have been using their time during this quarantine.

“Try out new makeup looks and outfits,” said Sharmaine Ramirez. Below are a few of her looks. Learn how to perfect that wing using your eyeliner, go crazy with mixing different eyeshadows, learn from your favorite beauty gurus, or go through your closet to create some unique outfits. By the end of it, you could have a fashion show and post it online for your followers to see.

Learn a Tik Tok dance; the app is full of dances and tutorials that you can learn. Not only does it get you out of bed, but it keeps you active in your home. There’s the Renegade, The Savage, and many more. However, if dancing isn’t an option, try creating a comedy skit.

“Group Facetime,” was suggested by Brittany T. Being quarantined with your family can be draining at times, so try to set up a group Facetime with friends. With social distancing recommendations, seeing friends is almost impossible. With group facetime, not only can you catch up with friends, but you can also have a virtual movie night or party.

For those who are into cooking, try a new recipe. A social media content creator, who goes by Milk Papi on Twitter, shares countless recipes: Loaded potatoes, buffalo chicken quesadillas, shrimp scampi, and Dalgona coffee. Most of the videos are at least a minute long, easy to understand and enjoyable to watch. Also, the final results look delicious.

The final option is “Sleep”, said Mahogany Kemp. Before the pandemic, you might have had a very busy schedule. Take the time to fix your sleeping schedule and enjoy a good long nap.

Before the pandemic, there were times that our interest would sometimes be placed on the back burner to finish tasks that needed immediate attention. So take advantage of this time to catch up on what you want to do.