Covid-19 Update for Virginia

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is the only governor in the nation who is also a doctor. On Friday, Northam stated in a press conference Friday, that COVID-19 tests will have to be on a downward trend in Virginia for at least two weeks before there is any consideration of re-opening the state. Northam said he is “treating the public as he would a patient” and claimed the Trump administration’s messaging as too “aspirational”. 

This came in response to President Trumps “claim to full authority” to decide how and when to reopen the economy on Monday, April 13. Northam, along with many other governors from both parties, were quick to push back and note that they have primary, constitutional responsibility for ensuring public safety in their states, and that they are responsible for determining when their state is safe to return to normal operations. 

“Yesterday I was on the phone with President Trump to discuss the White House guidelines for how we as states move forward,” Northam said , “Those guidelines are consistent with everything we in Virginia have been doing and we’ll continue to do a phased approach based on science and data. The first phase of those guidelines requires positive tests to be on a downward trend for 14 days. We have not met that criteria. We are still seeing more cases each day, not fewer. So, we are not there yet.” 

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