Juicy Demeanor

When you’re getting ready for a night out what compliments your look? For some it’s earnings or a nice eye look. For this entrepreneur it’s lip-gloss.

Radford’s very own Zellyne Snead has created her own lip-gloss line called Juicy Demeanor. She launched her business on January 8th 2020.

When I asked her what made her come up with the name she said It did not come easy. After stressful nights trying to pick out the perfect name for her future business

One day the highlander woke up and came to her.

For someone who’s always been in the beauty supply store it was only fitting she create a product that could soon be sold there.

“I am always wearing lip-gloss, so I figured why not start a business in something that I love?!” Said Snead.

While Snead was attending Radford she never expected to become a business owner.

Snead I have always been business minded, just without the business background. She knew working for anyone other than herself will no longer be an option.

With focus and determination she’s made it happen.

For her it feels great to be a young African American entrepreneur.

“I’m loving the process”.

When she first started making lipgloss it came with trial and error. you said you did a lot of trial and error. Snead thought it was going to be easy but soon realized she was wrong.

With researched it only took about two weeks to get the formula. She a vision of how she wanted her gloss to look.

Not too thin or too sticky.

Juicy Demeanor is compelled with 12 different lip-glosses. Drama Queen, Hollywood, Brat, Bad Attitude, Boujee, Shady, Rosé, Daddy’s Fav, 420, Nova, Brincess and Chanel.

Her prices are $4.99 for a squeeze tube and $6.50 for wand tubes.

Sometimes she feels like it’s almost unreal that she has a business. But its growing everyday so she couldn’t be more happy.

Every week Snead sets small goals for herself and her company. A few of her small goals consist of making a certain amount of sales a week, stay active and motivated. Gain a minimum of three new customers.

As of now the business woman is maintaining sales, making lip gloss, and ordering inventory on her own. At times she leans on friends and family.

Having their support has been comforting, especially during the time of Covid-19 where it’s a little more difficult to maintain a business. But it’s not stopping her. “ It will be more than just lip-gloss”.

In the next few years she expects to sell Juicy Demeanor in stores and later open her own. Maybe even break out into a franchise.

For more information on Radford’s new entrepreneur, shop Juicy Demeanor at http://juicydemeanor.net

For questions or other inquiries you can contact Zellyne via twitter @missdemeanorr_ and IG @Juicydemeanor