Jeremiah Vivero

Photo Credit: Jeremiah Vivero

When it comes to powerlifting, we follow structured programs that are catered to specific goals we have. Those goals depend on whether we are getting ready for a competition, or if we are in the “off-season.” Powerlifters train differently than a lot of people realize. Most people think we do low reps all the time to build strength, when in reality, the majority of the time that we train, we do multiple reps with a submaximal weight, for various reasons. These reasons might be to build muscle or to fix technical issues we have while lifting. A lot of factors go into powerlifting that people don’t realize. We do things such as cut weight to make weight requirements for competitions, whether it’s from water cutting or dieting. Cutting weight is a huge part of powerlifting competitions, like wrestling. We also have coaches, who create individualized programs for us to follow. Powerlifting is very demanding on the body but is also a whole lot of fun. Powerlifting is slowly but surely starting to get the recognition it deserves, and more people are starting to gravitate towards it. I recommend powerlifting to anybody who wants to get into strength training.  I personally find powerlifting more fun than bodybuilding.