Traveling to Feel Free

Kiley Lewis

Kiley Lewis is a junior at Radford University. These pictures were inspired by her various traveling opportunities, Kiley says, “Traveling to me is something that allows me to forget about the responsibilities of my daily life. I have always enjoyed traveling, and I especially love traveling with my close friends and family. I have been incredibly fortunate to have traveled as much as I have in my life.

One of my favorite trips I have been on is my trip to Fort Collins, Colorado. My youth group has taken this trip every four years to attend the church’s worldwide national youth conference. This particular year, we took a tour bus and toured for about a week before the conference and then after the four day conference, we toured all the way back for about three days. These pictures are just a few of my favorites I took of the gorgeous places we got to visit. We explored the Badlands in South Dakota, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, and also Devils Tower in Wyoming.

Another one of my favorite trips that I have been on was my trip to Columbus, Georgia. My family took a trip to watch my cousin graduate from Army Boot Camp at Fort Benning. The photo of the mural that I took was in Downtown Columbus. I will forever cherish these photos of my trips because it gives me something to easily remember these memories.”