About Whim

What is Whim?

Whim is Radford University’s official online magazine. As journalists, our job is to present stories thoroughly and accurately.

Through our four sections of Arts & Entertainment, Life, Opinion, and Science, Tech & Health, we pride ourselves in providing our readers with creative pieces of artwork, in-depth features, refreshing entertainment stories, cutting-edge technology pieces and a variety of opinions. Since 1997 we have entertained, educated and informed not just the Radford University community, but also the world.

Whim serves two purposes: to provide information and entertainment to Radford University and our global readers daily, and to provide our staff with a working knowledge of a professional, interactive website.

Writing for Whim is easy; if you’re a current or former Radford University student, professor, or staff member, you need only sign up, and you can begin writing immediately. For more information, feel free to contact us directly.

Radford University

Located in the New River Valley near Interstate 81’s exit 109, Radford University currently serves a student population of approximately 10,000. For more information, visit the Radford University Web site.

Radford Student Media

Radford University’s Student Media and its associated organizations give Radford students a chance to make their voices heard in the campus community. In addition to Whim, Student Media currently consists of a newspaper (The Tartan), a literary and arts magazine (Exit 109), a yearbook organization (The Beehive), an online radio (Radio Free Radford), a television and film production group (ROC-TV), and Student Media Advertising, an organization of ad representatives who manage advertising in all publications and productions.

Technical Information

Whim operates using the WordPress code base, a highly extensible application that allows easy modification and up-to-the-minute publication. WordPress is open source, and we would be happy to discuss all modifications we’ve made and used with interested Web designers.

Viewing Whim

Whim should function acceptably in any browser; however, we recommend using Firefox, Opera or Chrome. Whim will most likely work best with these browsers, and they tend to be more secure than other options.


If you’d like to contact Whim for any reason, send an email to whim@radford.edu or visit the student media offices at 512 Davis Street, Apartment C.