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Though the WordPress writing interface is quite simple, the specifics of writing and publishing an article may raise questions, especially with new staff. Below is a short video explaining the basics of writing, managing content, etc., in WordPress (click the expand button on the video to view full-screen). That is followed below by Whim’s submission guidelines.

Whim Orientation from RU CITL on Vimeo.

The Publishing Process

In short, the publishing process goes something like this: a writer writes an article, the appropriate section manager approves that article for publication on whichever day they want it to be published by changing the article’s Publish Status from a draft to Pending Review, the article is copy edited and edited for graphics, and either its copy editor or graphics staff member will publish it using the Publish button, depending on whether anything further needs to be done to it.

First, please choose one (and only one) section for your article. You’ll find the sections listed under the “Categories” tab, located beneath the text box. If you’re uncertain as to which section your article belongs in, designated it as “Whim,” and we’ll assign it to whatever section we deem appropriate.

Second, when you are satisfied with your article, be sure to email the section editor of the section you wish to publish in. Simply saving it as a draft is not enough to ensure it will become part of the publishing cycle. The section editor controls what content publishes in their section each week, therefore you must be in contact with them to ensure your article makes it in. All of the section editor’s emails can be found on the staff page.

Video Interviews

For Whim staff performing field interviews, polls, etc., using video, below is a short tutorial on how to edit them together iMovie.

Editing Video Interviews With iMovie from RU CITL on Vimeo.