Whim Internet Magazine is Radford University’s only wholly Internet-based publication, placing us in a position to maximize the exposure of our ad space in a way most print-based publications could never manage. Advertising on Whim is provided by Radford’s Student Media Advertising, which offers ads in all Radford Student Media publications.

Why Should I Advertise on Whim Internet Magazine?

Whim provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to make their ad dollars go further. Whim has access to the approximately 10,000 students of Radford University, the associated faculty, staff, alumni, community and parents, and anyone with an Internet connection in the world. In the past few years, we’ve increased our weekly page views fivefold, moving from 2,000 hits per week on average to 10,000. Entrepreneurial advertisers can expand their businesses to a worldwide market or bring their organization to local prominence. With today’s trends of economic integration, removal of trade barriers and the proliferation of the World Wide Web, it is time to put your ad dollars to good use and advertise in a “Big Tent” publication such as Whim Internet Magazine.

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